Quest:Training from the Master Thief

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Prerequisite: None
Reward: The art of Stealing
Location: The Thieves' Den in the Thieves' Forest (12W 67N DSSGCM)

The Master Thief requires 14 snacks before he will train you. The list of snacks he asked for is random per player. There is a 24 hours time delay before you can offer another snack. If you come back too early, he'll tell you he isn't hungry and should come back later. He also gives you this curious message when you are about 1-2 hours from feeding time:

I'm not hungry yet. Maybe in 0 hours or so.

Note that earlier messages are also off by 2 hours. (Immediately after giving a snack, he tells you 22 hours but it's really 24.)

Once you have provided him with 14 snacks, the Master Thief will tire of your cooking and teach you to steal just to get rid of you. The lessons take 100AP.

Afterwards, you can steal from other players in most places within the Thieves' Forest, except in the places listed below. The cost of stealing doubles every time you try (on anyone, not necessarily on the same target), starting from 10AP (ie 10AP, 20AP, 40AP ....). The AP cost resets once a day (?). Also, stealing is not guaranteed to be successful. When you steal, your victims retaliate by hitting you with whatever weapon they have equipped.

Foods that the Master Thief may ask for

Places where thieving is forbidden

People and objects get banned. Actions are forbidden. Stevie-O 01:45, 30 September 2006 (BST)


  • A Time warp will not make the Master Thief hungry faster--Solune 18:02, 2 May 2008 (BST)
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