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Prerequisite: An Anorak
Reward: Ability to see travel times to next stops while on the trains
Location: 6E 7N DSSGCM
AP Cost: 1AP to get guide, 32AP to tick off all 16 trains, 50AP to turn in
Beneficial: Having completed the Information Points quest
Estimated Completion Time: 5 hours unless you miss the wrong trains

Starting the quest

A Train Spotter Guild sits unhelpfully at 6E 7N DSSGCM in Windy City.

Train Spotter Guild: This is the guild of train spotters. You are obviously an outsider.

Upon it is a button stating that one can Get Train Spotter's Guide (1 AP). However, when one attempts this, one gets the following:

The guild members seem nervous and unwilling to talk to you. How could you make yourself fit in?

This abortive attempt to gain assistance requires an AP, despite its high failure rate. Apparently a new item is necessary.

Wear an Anorak and visit the guild.

The guildmaster hands you the sacred book. Come back when you're done.
You gain a Trainspotter's Guide.

The Guide

Trainspotter's Guide: Gotta spot 'em all:

    * Henry, the Earth-Aligned Engine
    * Gordon, the Water-Aligned Engine
    * Humph
    * Anne
    * Miriam
    * Dorcas
    * Larry
    * Duke
    * James, the Fire-Aligned Engine
    * Edward, the Air-Aligned Engine
    * Thomas, the Neutral-Aligned Engine
    * Diesel, the Goth-Aligned Engine
    * Tim
    * Barry
    * Willie
    * Graeme

You must be immediately adjacent to the locomotive of the train (the part of the train bearing the name of the train) to get the option to mark off that train for 2AP. You may have to board the train to see the locomotive. This quest works just like the creature survey. Leaving the tubes does not reset or cancel the quest.

I was just able to tick off a train while I could only see car 3 and 4.--BortJr 17:07, 5 May 2009 (BST)

Once you've marked off all 16 trains return to the guild and don your Anorak again and turn in your guide for 50AP.

So you finally completed? Took your time, didn't you? I guess you can join now...
You lose a Trainspotter's Guide.
As a member of the guild, you are taught the secret of how to work out how long until a train gets to any station!

With this reward you will get a listing of all the stops the train you're on makes and how long until the train reaches each of those stops.

To clear up confusion, the Anorak is only required when interacting with the guild. It is not required to even be in your inventory when doing the actual train spotting, or to use the reward.


Completion of the Information Points quest will allow you to camp tube stations waiting for trains rather than wandering randomly. Camp a station until you've completed all trains serving that station, then move to another. Suggested stations include:

Using this method with the Information Points quest to continually check for the next train arrival should help you finish the quest in less than five hours.

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