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Prerequisite: Have walked 10,000 leagues, possible other requirements?
Reward: -30 seconds AP delay, +100 max AP, free movement in the vents
Location: The Vents entrance at 38E 34N DSSGCM, Altar at 42E 53N DSSGCM
AP Cost: 100AP to worship
Other Cost: Two weeks, patience, sanity

Cross the Vents to reach to Ultimate Altar of Air where you can worship to gain a reduction in AP delay and some extra max AP. The reward message also says that you may now gain glory by mighty travels.

Once you have worshiped at the altar, you will be able to move freely in the vents regardless of the time and day and returning to the alter you are greeted as Master.

Important note: remember to take enough food for your pets or you will have to pull out and start over!

About the distance-gone requirement

The following observations assume that it uses the same distance as found on the "Me" page, which it probably does.

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