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Quests Quickreference Table

Name Prerequisite Reward Location Coordinates AP Costs* Brief Description
Earth Initiation Get wankered Crafts of Earth, +50 Max Health Crystal Cave 95E 14N 50 Visit Crystal Cave drunk
Treasure Hunt Be earth initiated Climbing & mining skill Crystal Cave 95E 14N 100 Find 39 items
Rock Soc Pub Crawl - Increases alcohol tolerance Rock Society 94E 5N 50 Visit 12 pubs drunk
School of Hard Knocks - +30 Max Health School of Hard Knocks 9E 44S 50 Collect Crocodile Scales, Phoenix Feathers, Roc Rocks and Triffid Strings (n levels)
Getting Knighted 2.500 XP Title "Sir", Sword of Omens, 1.000 gp Throne Room 15E 14N 1 Talk to King
Fire Initiation Be a Knight Crafts of Fire, +25% to hit Temple of Fire 2E 94N 50 Talk to Priest
Befriending the Guards Be a Knight +5% to hit div div 1 Visit any Guard Tower, salute the Guards
The Duel Be fire initiated +1 dam multiplier Temple of Fire 2E 94N 1 Kill another duelist
Become a Baron Be a Knight Title "Baron"; +1 dam multiplier; 1.000 gp Throne Room 15E 14N 1 Kill a Dragon
Become an Earl Be a Baron Title "Earl"; +1 dam multiplier; 1.000 gp Throne Room 15E 14N 1 Kill 10 Dragons
Become a Duke Be an Earl Title "Duke"; +1 dam multiplier; 1.000 gp Throne Room 15E 14N 1 Offer King 5 Cucumber Sandwiches
The Gauntlet Have won a duel Navigate the Great Desert Temple of Fire 2E 94N 50+50 Kill monsters in the Gauntlet
Bomb Squad Tarot Cards required + to hit Caverns 47E 65S  ? Meditate at shrines
Learning to Swim Own Water Wings Ability to swim; teach swimming Swim School 96E 93N 5 Take swim lessons
Water Initiation Know swimming Crafts of Water; see player's health; give First Aid Temple of Water 94E 92N 50 Talk to Priest
Snark Hunt Be water initiated Improved vision or Snark in the sack Temple of Water 94E 92N  ? Catch the Snark
Becoming a Doctor Know First Aid Title "MD"; items; improved sight; improved first aid Water City Hospital 94E 93N 50 Heal 600 HP on other players
Killing the Undead Dragon Catch the snark Dragon Stone Temple of Water 94E 92N  ? Kill the Undead Dragon
Water Skin Be a Doctor Water Skin Water City Hospital 94E 93N 100 Heal 2.000 HP on other players
Air Initiation Visit all four cities Crafts of Air; + AP recovery; Wand of Illusion Temple of Air 3E 8N 50 Visit Priest
Time and Space Own Guide to Time and Space + AP recovery; + max AP; know location & time Temple of Air 3E 8N 10*4 Worship at four shrines
Creature Survey Be air initiated -4 Movement Modifier Temple of Air 3E 8N 50 Tick off 34 creatures in the Spotter's Guide
Standing Stones Creature Survey + AP recovery; + max AP; teleport through stone network Temple of Air 3E 8N 150 + 24*30 Worship at 24 Standing Stones
Fortune Tellers Spade required + max AP; Horoscope Brighthelm 64E 46S 50 Find 20 apple pips
Martial Arts Training Be a Knight Ninja skills (Brunch punch / Painful Punch) The Dojo 22W 30N 50 / 100 Offer 10 / 20 weapons (2 levels)
Training from the Master Thief - Stealing skill Thieves Forest 12W 67N 100 Offer 14 snacks
Thor in a Cottage - Thor's Doorstop The North 92E 116N  ? Offer 3 Vials of Suncream
Magic Egg Hunt - Cornucopia Royal Northern Research Centre 38E 149N  ? Find eight magic eggs
North Pole  ? The North Pole The North 76E 190N ? Find the North Pole
Asgard Thor in a Cottage, Magic Egg Hunt, North Pole Access to Asgard The North  ?  ? Blow the Horn of Heimdall
Smelly Pete Access to Harvey Farm Access to SW-Tunnels Harvey Farm 1W 36N 1+1 Find Pete's parents
The SW-Tunnels Smelly Pete or Light Source  ? Dungeon beneath Harvey Farm; Caves 1W 36N; 31E 37N - Insert Air Talisman into Ancient Altar
The NW-Tunnels Warrior's Totem required  ? Catacomb Entrance 1E 107N 30? Insert Fire Talisman into Ancient Altar
Collecting Cards - Tarot Deck - - 50 Collect 22 cards
Merchants Guild - Quick Draw, Market Offers Merchants Guild 91E 3N 50 Sell items (4 levels)
Jack and the Beanstalk Magic Beans required Spirit Sword Cloud Land Castle 66E 426N - Kill the Giant
Ghost Hunters Guild - Access to Haunted Farm East of Brighthelm 92E 44S 50+50 Trap 100 Ghosts
Animal Sanctuary - Access to Harvey Farm Ramparts of Harvey Farm 1W 35N 10+5 Take care of baby animal for 3 days
Pandora's Socks - Pair of Socks The Cursed Island  ? 10 Take curse from Pandora's Socks
Herman the Hermit - +10 max HP; +10 max AP Herman the Hermit 15E 60N 20 Find 20 different Herbs
Talisman Maker - Ability to enchant Blank Talismans Talisman Maker 81E 83N  ? Read 32 Books
Old (no longer available)
Malaria - +30 max AP - - - Get infected with malaria from mosquitos
  • *AP Costs for initializing the quest and claiming the reward only
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