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R'1yeh is a plane that intersects several different planes of existence at various points. It is confusing to walk around in, since the surroundings keep changing in an as-yet-undetermined pattern. Sometimes reality twists back on itself, and you will see the same square duplicated several times. (Visit the Green Chamber for a striking example...you'll see what I mean.)

Because R'1yeh intersects with other planes, you can step to various locations in more conventional space from within R'1yeh. Once you leave R'1yeh, however, you cannot get back except through the one known entrance (see below). Talismans cannot be enchanted in R'1yeh.

Note: This was the "boon" granted to Cthu1hu for winning the Map Contest.


How to get here

Sail to 29E 144S DSSGCM. You'll notice that GPS does not work on this square. From here, sail one square east, one north, one west. You should then see the Black Beach to the south. Once you set foot (or keel) on 29E 144S, summon stones and blank talismans no longer work and will not until you leave.

NOTE This appears to have changed. You can now see a bridge from 29 144. Once you step on it, you're away into R1'yeh and can't get back out. Phw
Yeah, I build that bridge, it cuts down on ship movement, but it traps you. So don't go into r1'yeh unless you want to.--Hamelin 15:22, 13 October 2007 (BST)
If, for any reason, you find yourself trapped in R1'yeh's loopy aura and wish to sail back out again, try reversing the sequence above until you get to a spot of ocean that has GPS.
Note that if you have a survey vessel, you can see R1'yeh but not enter it unless you start from 29 -144. Phw

From the Black Beach, the Hall is to the East. Curiously, the Black Beach is then to the East of the Hall. Your troubles are just beginning.


The biggest danger is losing your sanity. It does not appear that R'1yeh has any native monsters, although sometimes monsters from one of the adjacent planes will be visible and attackable.

On my visit I found a Flying Spaghetti Monster and a Road Runner lurking in the corners. Flt 09:27, 12 April 2007 (BST)
Were these on the aforementioned adjacent planes? If so, there's no point in noting it. Random4518 11:43, 12 April 2007 (BST)
Not sure about the Road Runner. The FSM definitely was inside. Flt 12:19, 12 April 2007 (BST)

There are very occasional visible monsters between R'1yeh locations (like Flt's FSM and an Undine that I saw myself). Sometimes some Earthworms or Dragons may be around from Cans of Worms/Wyrms. But for the most part, the halls of R'1yeh are crawling with invisible monsters: mainly Mists, but also the odd Dark Mist, Ghost, and Hungry Ghost. Note that the prevalence of Mists oddly enough makes R'1yeh an excellent place to train Pets if you can see invisible monsters. -Stelio 22:12, 25 April 2007 (BST)


Some may find it useful to list the locations that are not a part of R'1yeh, which will teleport you off of this place and back to another location.

Once you've entered R1'yeh from the ocean it seems impossible to leave via the way you came in. Furthermore, making a bridge from the black beach back to the regular ocean is impossible (I tried).

Things to Do

  • Transport to various locations, as listed above.
  • Marvel at the warping of Space-Time required to maintain R'1yeh.
  • Attempt to find an extant passage to the Hall of Mirrors (visible only from Gallery).
  • Try to find the Blasphamous Garden and the Eldritch Machine that it contains.

Locations of Interest

According to Elseware, R'1yeh has 40 distinct rooms. They are:

  1. Altar
  2. Anteroom
  3. Bas-relief Passage
  4. Blasphemous Garden
  5. Carved Walls
  6. Cell
  7. Chamber
  8. Coffee Lounge
  9. Crawling Things
  10. Cyclopean Chamber
  11. Cyclopean Stair
  12. Dark Hall
  13. Darkness
  14. Dripping Walls
  15. Echoing Place
  16. Eldritch Stuff
  17. Fish Heads Room
  18. Flesh Room
  19. Gallery
  20. Green Chamber
  21. Green Stone Passage
  22. Hall
  23. Hidden Chamber
  24. Laughing Pit
  25. Library
  26. Loft
  27. Nameless
  28. Observatory
  29. Passage
  30. Phantasms
  31. Slimy Passage
  32. Stair
  33. Statue Room
  34. Throne Room
  35. Tomb
  36. Vault
  37. Vault of Despair
  38. Vault of Secrets
  39. Vestibule
  40. Wailing Gallery

Black Beach

A completely black beach. Landing point. Entrance to R'1yeh proper, technically not one of the rooms.

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Shortest Routes

Despite R'1yeh's non-euclidean construction, it appears to be held stable by some force. This means that it is amenable to mapping, although not in the graphable sense. Assuming that you wish to reach the blasphemous garden, this route from the hall should get you there relatively quickly --Rackmount 14:17, 17 December 2006 (GMT)

Hall -> Anteroom -> Cyclopean Chamber -> Darkness -> Hidden Chamber -> Vault of Secrets -> Altar -> Coffee Lounge -> Cyclopean Stair -> Phantasms -> Eldritch Stuff -> Tomb -> Crawling Things -> Green Stone Passage -> Carved Walls -> Statue Room -> Observatory -> Cell -> Library -> Nameless -> Bas-relief Passage -> Echoing Place -> Blasphemous Garden.

To Space:

Hall -> Anteroom -> Cyclopean Chamber -> Space

To Space Station:

Hall -> Gallery -> Dark Hall -> Slimy Passage -> Space Station

To Ancient Castle:

Hall -> Gallery -> R'1yeh:Dark Hall -> R'1yeh:Vault of Despair -> Ancient Castle

See also

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