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Palace Map

'King's Moat 'King's Moat 'King's Moat 'King's Moat 'King's Moat 'King's Moat
'King's Moat North Cote 'King's Palace
(Basement Access)
'King's Library Image:Station.gif
Palace Station
'King's Moat
'King's Orchard 'King's Orchard 'King's Moat Knights Registry Royal Wine Bar Throne Room


'King's Store 'King's Moat
'King's Orchard 'King's Orchard 'King's Moat


Guild Registry 'King's Palace 'King's Palace 'King's Palace 'King's Moat
'King's Orchard 'King's Orchard 'King's Moat 'King's Moat 'King's Moat 'King's Road to Southern Road and Windy City 'King's Moat 'King's Moat

Things to do at the Royal Palace

Local Attractions

King's Store

Don't forget to pick up a Kings Crest Talisman, a gift from the King to all his people (a gift that he makes you pay to get) that way if you ever need to get back to him in a hurry for an audience, it will save you time. (1)AP to break and Cost 800gp.

Also any of the elemental city Talismans can be bought here as well as the Limbo Talisman (for 1000).

King's Library

This is the most loved library (more of a bookstore, actually) in all of the 4 cities and beyond.

In this library you can find martial arts books such as

There are other books on sale here too

Knights Registry

Former Knights who have become Mages or Armourers can return to their Knightly ways here.

Guild Registry

Buy a

  • Guild Permit for 200,000 GP to start a guild
  • Guild Resignation Letter for 5,000 GP to leave a guild

Royal Wine Bar

Serves the traditional assortment of booze. Additionally sells Bottles of Sparkling Wine for 1200 GP.

North Cote

Catch some (SMS) messenger pigeons.

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