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Access via Caves in the central region (59E 69N DSSGCM and 72E 65N DSSGCM best access).


The North-East Tunnels are also known as the Sewers. Sewers are, of course, filled with Sewage. (Though you can find Mud here too). A Pair of Wellys is extremely useful here. Without a pair in your inventory, movement costs skyrocket to 7AP and, as far as I can tell, cannot be reduced. You don't need to wear them, just have them in your inventory.

There are five new sewer monsters. The Sewer Rat, the Alligator, the Dianoga, the Adolescent Tortoise (four varieties, one per element) and the Gas (two varieties, normal and thick). The Adolescent Tortoise is immune to weapons unless you feed it a Pizza Slice. It turns into an Eating Tortoise, and you have 10 minutes to kill it. Also, Tortoises cannot be pacified by aligning to your own alignment. However, they will succumb to the soothing music from the Musical Training quests. Ice, Pure, or otherwise off-aligned? Sucks to be you.

You can't enchant a talisman while in the Sewers.

Things to do

opening the valve will send you up to the surface, you have been warned.


  • Dianogas, Alligators, Sewer Rats and Thick Gases can cause illnesses.
  • Adolescent Tortoises can't be passed unless you kill them (which requires Pizza Slices).
or pacify them


When you get pulled down into the sewage by Dianogas, you can catch various illnesses. You can also catch illnesses from the (Thick) Gases and Sewer Rats. Here are the known sicknesses, effects, and cures (please add more). I speculate there will be 7 total, each being cured by a new potion. The longer you wait, the more potions are required to cure your illness (confirmed). Also, I speculate that there is a chance of all the illnesses going away on their own (perhaps accompanied by a trip to the hospital).

You know the potion worked when you see

You feel more like your old self.
Disease/Message Effect Cure Special Notes
Eye Infection Darkens Sight Trill Potion Gets worse as you go on. Takes more potions to cure depending on how bad it is.
Ear Infection HP cost when hear noise Boniface Potion Takes more potions to cure it, if you ignore it for too long.
You feel a bit odd Hallucinations Vitsee Potion Can go away on its own after 100 AP.
Under the weather Double AP cost for movement and attacks. ("You are slow.") Brak Potion Goes away on its own after 200AP.
Homesickness Teleports you back to your home shrine when it wears off (which seems to be rather quick, about 20 AP?) Toadvine Potion Takes you to Valhalla if you've completed the Asgard Quest.
Everything's Spinning Rotates viewpoint every step Shanghorn Potion Can go away on its own
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This map combines data from Image:NEmap.gif and Image:dh_neMap.gif.

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