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It appears to be -50% to-hit. Most players can attack monsters with it and they become Confused. Monsters then miss the next few attacks, though the number of attacks missed seems to vary a bit. Note that silver puzzle boxes are not terribly useful against Hydras, because "a few missed attacks" means very little when there are 30 heads trying to get a piece of you. Sure, 5 or so miss, but then the other 25 will go for Adventurer Steaks.

Note the 'most players' bit. Perhaps the most puzzling part of this box is the message received when a Wizard tries to use the box:

 You attack the Earth Worm.
 It is too dangerous for a wizard to use the box.


Fire 2AP Piece of Wood
Unit of Charcoal
Fire 4AP 4 Units of Charcoal Silver Ore
100 Bits of Silver
Apprentice 1AP 200 Bits of Silver 3 Pairs of Scissors Yellow Flower 12 Mana Enchant Silver Spell
Silver Puzzle Box
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