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Weapon: Silver Sword
Damage Attacks To Hit
5 ×1 +15% ?%

Hit any (full-sized) dragon to turn it into an Air Sword, Earth Sword, Fire Sword or Water Sword.

Note: "Any full sized Dragon" does not include the Undead Dragon or Ice Dragon - your sword remains unchanged. No Undead Sword for you.
Watch out, they have low accuracy when trying to align them.

These can apparently drop from Monsters. I just got one from a Large Mimic on Monster Island. -- X-Himy 05:21, 18 November 2007 (GMT)


Fire 2AP Piece of Wood
Unit of Charcoal
Fire 4AP 4 Units of Charcoal Silver Ore
100 Bits of Silver
Earth 20AP 500 Bits of Silver
Dull Silver Sword
Air 20AP Dull Silver Sword
Silver Sword
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