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Bought by Ravensdance in the great charity auction during Festival 2008.

There are huge, giant and mutant (and various combinations thereof) northern monsters in Sniffleheim.

In the foothils near Zu, you can encounter the dreaded Zu Warrior which drops aligned catanas. The Zu foothills are very difficult to move through (base cost of 18). Longbrow's Cave is situated high up in the center of the Zu Mountains.

Entry is at: 80E 598S DSSGCM. To enter, simply proceed north; the terrain will seem quite similar, as the map shows. It appears to be 100 long by 4 wide, and wraps east-west.

It is useful to note that Sniffleheim wraps east-west but not north-south.

If you break a talisman in Sniffleheim, you will be transported to the appropriate city in the 'Kingdom, not to Oz.


Note: Please refrain from killing any Tauntauns in Sniffleheim, as there is a rather annoying bug associated with them.

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