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Space Map

1 S S S 2
S 5 S
3 S S S 4
E Space Elevator Dock
H Hospital Satellite (301E 401N)
O S.O.L.
S Space Station
T Trading Satellite
$ Harry and Co.
1 Stella Fashion
3 Crystal Exchange
4 Cmdr. Jameson Spares
5 Captain Solo
  • Note that space is toroidal and therefore wraps around at each edge.

How to get to Space

  • Power up your Space Rocket with 100 Measures of Black Powder for 100AP. (This is a one-way trip.)
  • Use the Space Elevator for 5000GP. It takes 11 hours to get there, but you can use the AP you gain on board to explore the myriad conveniences on board. The elevator also makes return trips, carrying passengers safely back to the 'Kingdom.
  • Step into space or to the Space Station from rooms in R'1yeh. Transit time is instantaneous. Unfortunately, it is also unidirectional.

Getting back

  • Use the Space Elevator. It's free, but it takes 11 hours.
  • If you have a Kipple, then after an initial investment of 253 AP, you can get back from space for 16 AP a trip. Spend 14 AP to double your kipple (to >2 million), 1 AP to have Captain Solo take you to the Neutral Zone, and 1 AP to talisman back to land.
(For an initial investment of 313 AP, you can get back for 3 AP per trip.)

Things to do in Space

  • Visit the amazing S.O.L.
  • Trade with your fellow astronuts at the Trading Satellite
  • Heal all ills (or at least HP-related ones) at the Hospital Satellite
  • Explore the novel at Harry and Co.:
  • Get them from the bodies of vanquished space creatures
  • Pick them out from the wreckage of destroyed asteroids (one per Really Large Asteroid)
  • Buy them from the Crystal Exchange - 25000GP
  • Or sell them back to the Crystal Exchange for 10000GP each
  • Catalogue the incredible space fauna
  • Marvel at the huge array of stuffs that can be gained by defeating Space Invaders
  • Visit the exotic shops on the Space Station:
  • Stella Fashion
Cool Disguise 1000
  • TANSTAAFL Trading
Phaser 20000
Light Sabre 1000
Wormhole Kit 5000
  • Crystal Exchange
Power Crystal 25000
Dose of Magic Powder 2000
  • Cmdr. Jameson Spares
Mining Laser 10000
Cobra Mk III 1000000 (seems to be out of stock)
  • can be equipped with up to 4 lasers, a 7 light year hyperdrive, escape pod, energy bomb, 4 missiles, transgalactic hyperdrive, and various other goodies. The best medium sized trading ship in the galaxy. They're the very devil to dock though.
What no docking computer?
If you can't dock without scraping your paintwork then you shouldn't be in space.
Speeder Bike 250000
  • Captain Solo will take you there for a million kipple.

Other random things of note

  • You can't summon anyone (or be summoned) - even if they're in space too
  • Talismans cannot be enchanted here
  • You can't use a talisman to get home
  • The Horn of Heimdall will not work
  • The Goat Horn will not work (costs the AP but nothing happens)
  • Ruby Slippers give "That won't work here"
  • Brighthelm Rock will not work (but doesn't cost the AP at the moment)
  • The Wizards Retreat Spell works as normal.
  • I tested killing myself, death to get out of space has no ill effects. Other then the normal effects of dying. - Cameron
  • Pandora's Socks do not work. (Maybe she should just move?)
  • Maps work here. GPS does not.
  • Casting Recall lets you leave Space immediately.

Points of opinion

After visiting space, I had some specific observations that may help people in deciding if it is worth the trip:

  • You can farm asteroids, but it is probably just as cheap to mine mountains on the ground.
  • You can kill space beasties, but they didnt seem to have as much good stuff as the above would suggest.
  • You can get power crystals from asteroids, but I only got 1 in 83 asteroids, or you can purchase them from one of the shops, but they are pretty expensive.
Using cans of worms makes asteroid crystal hunting much more efficient.
Care to explain this one? Anyone?
Since asteroids have the habit of exploding all over the place and only one of the asteroids will eventually hold the Power Crystal from 1 Really Large Asteroid, using Cans of Worms to restrict the places asteroids can explode to makes Power Crystal harvesing a little quicker. MrBlarney 10:50, 20 July 2006 (BST)
Some players find that strategy annoying to other users of Space. If you think so, please discuss it on the conversation or the Kudos page.--Solune 07:55, 16 May 2007 (BST)
  • You can purchase some unusual items, which might make it worth it, but thats an entire 2 * 11 hour period just to get a couple of items (most of which will either break or not be very useful once you are back on the ground)
  • It's not very big, so you cannot spend much time exploring (especially relative to the time spent in the elevator) - this also means that you cannot expect to hide as well as you could on the ground.
  • If any event happens on the ground, you cannot go to it because you have to wait an average of 15 hours to get back to the ground - and that is if you manage to actually not miss the entry and exit time windows. As mentioned above, you cannot talisman out or get someone to summon you to cut down on the time either.
  • There is nothing to do on the elevator, so take plenty of things with you to occupy your AP and be prepared to get bored with it all and go do something else (not in the game), only to exclaim oh **it!, I'm still on the elevator

All my own opinions of course, YMMV - Loog 06:09, 27 March 2006 (BST)

One important point to mention - farming asteroids results in bits of metal, not metal ore. For earth players, this makes asteroid farming a superior source of metal, IMHO (as you don't have to spend the huge amount of AP to smelt the ore into a usable state). -- Thog 22:36, 20 April 2006 (BST)
Another point: Space Invaders drop aligned weaponry very often. That's pretty nice. They also drop power crystals about 1 in 10-15 or so (from what I can tell). This can be a problem if you're using a phaser to kill them and you phaser uses the power crystals you gain. Thog's comment is insightful; my guess is that AP-wise it's probably about the same to mine as it is to kill asteroids, though it is much more tedious to kill all those asteriods. Another thing: the probablities for asteroid drops appear to be about the same for all metals, so you don't have to find a outcrop or crag when you're looking for gold or lead, it's one-stop metal shopping. 20:52, 22 June 2006 (BST)
Another small comment about collecting metal from asteroids: Silver is still somewhat rarer than the other metals. In my approximately two months in space (destroying over 2000 asteroids), I harvested about 10,000 bits of Bronze, Copper, Iron, and Lead, while only obtaining 6,000 bits of Silver. It's not a bad method if you want a variety of metals. MrBlarney 10:50, 20 July 2006 (BST)
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