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Surrounding the mountains in the middle of the four original cities can be found a circle of 24 standing stones (exact positions listed below):

Once registered for the quest (after completing the prerequisite Creature Survey) you may attune to these stones. Each stone to which you attune increases your MaxAP by +5, and you can then teleport between any two attuned stones for 20AP.

Does this mean that the stones are built in the ratio 1:4:9?
My God, it's full of Snarks!
There's no need to be snarkastic.

Times of worship and required items for Standing Stones are different for each character, based on horoscope. The list of items is always in order, but each horoscope has a different starting point, and there are more possible items than stones.

Another map of the Standing Stone locations can be found here.

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Map Positions

Position Clock Adjacent to Other attractions (dist)
74E 49N DSSGCM I 3 on a clock Trading Post, Monastry Trail to ENE Dragon Pass (2)
73E 55N DSSGCM II Alchemist, Wizard's Tower (2); Healer, Cave with hole to sewers (3); Trail to ENE Dragon Pass (4)
71E 62N DSSGCM III 2 on a clock Healer Trading Post (2); Monastry, Cave with hole to sewers, Wizard's Tower (4)
67E 67N DSSGCM IV Dragon Spire Healer, Dragon Spire (2); Trail to NNE Dragon Pass, Well (3); Alchemist (4)
62E 71N DSSGCM V 1 on a clock Cave with hole to Sewers [best altar access] (5)
55E 73N DSSGCM VI Wizard's Tower Alchemist (2); Trading Post (3)
49E 74N DSSGCM VII 12 on a clock Monastry Dragon Spire (2); Trading Post (3)
43E 73N DSSGCM VIII Healer, Ruin Dragon Spire (2); Wizard's Tower (4)
37E 71N DSSGCM IX 11 on a clock Ruin, Alchemist (3); Monastry (4)
27E 62N DSSGCM XI 10 on a clock Trail to WNW Dragon Pass (4)
25E 55N DSSGCM XII Healer Trail to WNW Dragon Pass, Cave to Tokyo4 (3)
24E 49N DSSGCM XIII 9 on a clock Wizard's Tower
27E 37N DSSGCM XV 8 on a clock Ruin, Trail to WSW Dragon Pass (2); Cave with hole (4); Space Elevator (5)
31E 31N DSSGCM XVI Trading Post, Cave with hole (2); Healer (3 west)
36E 27N DSSGCM XVII 7 on a clock Healer (2); The Cult of Nidhoggr (3); Access to South-West Tunnels (5); The Vents (9)
49E 24N DSSGCM XIX 6 on a clock Monastry Healer (3); Trading Post (4)
55E 25N DSSGCM XX Wizard's Tower (4)
62E 27N DSSGCM XXI 5 on a clock Trading Post, Monastry Dragon Spire (2)
67E 31N DSSGCM XXII Cave with hole to South-East Mines, Trail to ESE Dragon Pass (2); Isambard's House, Trading Post, Healer (3); Alchemist (4)
71E 36N DSSGCM XXIII 4 on a clock Trail to ESE Dragon Pass, Trail to SSE Dragon Pass, Croc & Roc Shop (3); Standing Stone Supplies, High Tower Of The Interior, Wizard's Tower (4)
(Why start at the 3 position? Probably because that's the conventional zero of measurement of angles in trigonometry, and the positions are determined by formula... also the circle has a diameter of 50.)

Useful Locations

Some of the stones are next to other useful locations. The following list shows the useful locations within three steps of each stone.

This information is also in a prettier and easier-to-understand form at the Stone Hoppers Club.

  • I - Trading Post (N), Monastery (W)
  • II - Alchemist (2 NE), Healer (3 NE), Wizard's Tower (2 E)
  • III - Healer (S, 2 SW), Trading Post (2 SE)
  • IV - Dragon Spire (W, 2 SE), Healer (2 NW), Well (3 NE)
  • V -
  • VI - Wizard's Tower (W), Alchemist (2 SE, 3 SW, 3 NW), Trading Post (3 NE, 3 NW)
  • VII - Monastery (E, 2 W), Dragon Spire (2 SE), Trading Post (3 SW)
  • VIII - Ruin (W), Healer (E), Dragon Spire (3 NE)
  • IX - Ruin (3 NE, 3 SE), Alchemist (3 S)
  • X -
  • XI - Ruin (3 E)
  • XII - Healer (E)
  • XIII - Wizard's Tower (2 NE), Dragon Spire (3 NW), Ruin (3 NE)
  • XIV - Well (S), Trading Post (3 SE)
  • XV - Ruin (2 S)
  • XVI - Trading Post (2 W, 3 SW), Dragon Spire (3 SW), Healer (3 W), South-West Tunnel Entrance (1 NE)
  • XVII - Healer (2 W), Well (3 S)
  • XVIII -
  • XIX - Monastery (1 W), Healer (3 N)
  • XX -
  • XXI - Monastery (1 N), Trading Post (1 W, 3 NW), Dragon Spire (2 NE)
  • XXII - Well (3 SE), Healer (3 SW), Trading Post (3 SW)
  • XXIII -
  • XXIV - Monastery (N, 2 SE), Alchemist (2 SW), Well (3 NE), Ruin (3 SW)

Quick ref for directly adjacent squares:

  • Healer: III, VIII, XII
  • Dragon Spire: IV
  • Wizard's Tower: VI
  • Monastery: I, VII, XIX, XX, XXIV
  • Well: XIV
  • Trading Post: I
  • Ruin: VIII

Item List

The list of possible offerings is below; the starting point in this list is determined individually for each character according to the character's horoscope. Known possible starting points are in bold.
Don't get confused by the numbers. They are there only for better clarity.

NOTE: The list is in order. Go from your starting point and mark off the next 24, wrapping to the beginning of the list if necessary, to get the items you will need for each stone in order. Phw 11:18, 21 February 2007 (GMT)
Your starting point is derived from your username: See the horoscope page. Flt 11:31, 7 March 2007 (GMT)
  1. Measure of Serenity
  2. Clove of Garlic
  3. Feather
  4. Jar of Plum Jam
  5. Loaf of Bread
  6. Piece of Chalk
  7. Legolas Cocktail
  8. Gollum Cocktail
  9. Gandalf Cocktail
  10. Frodo Cocktail
  11. Bilbo Cocktail
  12. D12
  13. D10
  14. D8
  15. D4
  16. D6
  17. Cucumber
  18. SunFlower
  19. Bunch of Grapes
  20. Sheaf of Wheat
  21. Eel
  22. Lion Fish
  23. Flying Fish
  24. Cod
  25. Earth Stone
  26. Fire Stone
  27. Water Stone
  28. Air Stone
  29. Fire Talisman
  30. Water Talisman
  31. Earth Talisman
  32. Air Talisman


Some users have documented the specifics of their own 'horoscopes' as illustration:

Don't forget to add your horoscope data to our research

Comments from the Stone

for instance "your offering is consumed by the hungry earth " I have found so far : --Solune 16:07, 11 July 2006 (BST)

I Frodo Cocktail the hungry Earth

II Biblo Cocktail an unholy gout of flame

XXIV mesure of serenity violet light

It so happens that I kept track of what mine were. It cycled through "by the hungry earth", "by an unholy gout of flame", "in a puff of smoke", and "in violet light", from the top of the list to the bottom. Random4518 18:08, 11 July 2006 (BST)
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