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This is a page about the (now ended) Cities Festival 2008.
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You can see the sculptures that were nominates by other players here!
And if you go to the basement of the Royal Palace, you can see most of the entries, which the 'King has saved for posterity!

As part of the Royal Festival of Martial, Performance and Marital Arts from 9th - 24th August, we are proud to present the "Statuesque Beauties and Magnificent Erections" Sculpture Show! Have you ever wanted a chance to make a semi-permanent impression on the Citiesverse and simultaneously display your artistic talent? This is the event for you!


Sculpture Displays

The Show has three main centres of display.

The 'King's Sculpture Garden

Located south-east of the 'King's Palace, along the road from Water City to Earth City, this sculpture garden is composed of classic naturalist sculptures made of traditional sculpture materials, such as Bronze Ore, Iron Ore and Stone. The figures in this garden are lifelike and easily recognisable for what they represent. Common people, noble men and women, children, animals and domestic scenes may be found.

Note that the 'King's Sculpture Garden is adjacent to the Jousting Extravaganza. Building anywhere on the jousting grounds is strictly prohibited – any offending sculptures will be removed.

Sculpture By The Sea

Celebrate surf, sun and sand by visiting – and contributing to – a sculpture display east of Brighthelm, possibly stretching as far east as the University of Southampton if there is enough interest. This is a stunning display of modern art: abstract shapes, unusual materials – such as the Ice Cube, Unit of Sand and Jar of Gas – anthropomorphic abstracts and unusual juxtapositions of imagery with hidden meanings.

Note: Please don’t build sculptures on the beach, as it interferes with our local population of Cute Seals…

The 'King has built a two-way portal from 16E 3N to the end of the Brighthelm Pier so people can get to and from the Sculpture by the Sea show easily.

Sculptacular Spectacular! A Celebration of Consumerist Creations

Located in the Mall, these sculptures represent and honour every aspect of consumerism. Everything from simple mannequins to lush and heavily decorated testament to capitalist delight can be found – some embedded with subliminal advertising.

You can find the Sculptacular Spectacular display on a previously undiscovered level of the Mall: Floor 25 (Festival Gallery).

Making a Sculpture

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Sculptures are made by using a Plinth on an appropriate square (see the Plinth wiki page for details). They will remain standing until the end of the Festival - although some may stay up at the 'King's discretion if they receive enough popular acclaim.

Getting a Plinth: These are now available, traded by request, at the Statuesque Beauties and Magnificent Erections Sculpture Show Pentacle (now open at 15E 5N DSSGCM). Plinths will be restricted to no more three per player (one for each sculpture display area), while stocks last!

Sculptures made so far

King's Sculpture Garden

(Listed in order North to South, West to East.)

Western Park

East Promenade

  • I Always Wanted a Handsome Plinth by Alberta - 16E 6N DSSGCM - Under construction. Expect puns.


  • Badges? We don't need no stinking badges! by Anabasis 67E 46S DSSGCM Acclaim!

The Mall

Note from Rhapsodie - the items in this one are just plain showing off. Check it out! :)
  • Capitalisms Innocent Victims, by Phw. Floor 25, western edge. Acclaim!
  • Attaining Nirvana by Denny Crane. Floor 25, NW corner. Acclaim!
  • There's no place like the Mall by Kressida. Floor 25, NE corner (south of the lift). Acclaim!
  • Psst! Wanna Buy Something? by Scrumbucket. Floor 25, centre (just east of the fountain). Acclaim!


  • The Duel-Quicker on the Draw by Phw. 1E 94N DSSGCM next to the temple of fire. Acclaim!
  • To the Victor of Defeat by bernie 81E 6N DSSGCM, just north of the Southern Market Office. Acclaim!

Vote for a Winner!

Nominate your favourite sculptures here!


The main prize is the chance to have your sculpture remain forever if it receives enough popular acclaim.

Donations for other prizes are welcome. Please leave the details of any contributions below and drop any items off with the Muse of Sculpture at the Pentacle.

  1. 'King Elseware, for all his work in putting this together!
  2. ford_prefect donated the makings of a pentacle, which was started on 9th August near the Royal Palace.
  3. phw donated three Acles to the second pentacle (which will start up in the same place as the first)!
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