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This is a page about the (now ended) Cities Festival 2008.


Popular Acclaim

This page is dedicated to recording Popular Acclaim for the Statuesque Beauties and Magnificent Erections presented at the Royal Festival of Martial, Performance and Marital Arts.

You can nominate your favourite sculptures here. Please leave the name and description of the Sculpture, the Artist, and the coordinates so that other people might marvel at its magnificence.

You can also add your support to a piece that's already nominated here - just add your name below. Note there's no limit to how many sculptures you can nominate.

If you don't have a wiki account to edit this page, palantir your vote to Rhapsodie and I'll add it for you!

Edit: I've resorted these in current order of popularity (and within that, alphabetically by title)...


At the end of the festival some sculptures are kept on display. All the rest are still in the 'Kings vault under the castle.

  • Macksting's "Sheep": North of Windy City
  • Phw's "The Duel-Quicker on the Draw": South of Fire City
  • Sertularian's "The Morning After" : By the Crystal Cave


Six Votes

Avant-Garde Sculpture. A placard proclaims, "Sheep"

  • Artist: Macksting
  • Description: A vaguely sheep-shaped mass. Primarily a wire Shell containing a Haggis, and held to it with a **Unit of Glue are a Sheep Heart, Sheep Lung, and a Sheep Stomach, all placed randomly on the surface amidst a large quantity of Fleece. A plaintive Sheep Eye stares out at you from a head shaped out of a Coconut covered in Wool. The whole assembly is perched on four feet, each of which is little more than a Ball of Wool.
  • Location: 14E 9N DSSGCM
  • Nominated by: Sertularian, Thog, Elseware, Rhapsodie, Schnorrer, AmishRobots, Sheyona

The Duel-Quicker on the Draw

  • Artist: phw
  • Description: A Stone sculpture of battle in two parts. In the foreground lies the Corpse of Karoshi, shot through the chest, his all too Human Heart sundered. A Mayfly (settles) on his dead, staring eye. A Golden Gun has tumbled from his hand, a Gold Piece fallen from the chamber, unfired. Some distance away stand the sculpture of a man, a smoking Fag dangling from his lips. His T-Shirt is ripped and torn. In between them, caught perfectly by the sculptor as it flys through the air, is a Card: Death
  • Location: 1E 94N DSSGCM
  • Nominated by: Scrumbucket, Rhapsodie, Harry, Kilgore, Anoki, DJ Milo

Five Votes

The Morning After

  • Artist: Sertularian
  • Description: Sertularian is seen gazing ruefully at a Record while holding an Empty Can of Spray Paint and wearing a T-Shirt (Sert's Private Party) . Amidst the wreckage around him are a neglected Erotic Cocktail , a half-eaten **Mushroom , the remnants of a Pouch of Magic Herb and a forgotten Dose of Magic Powder . A small Calendar lies open to June 25, 2007.
  • Location:9E 8N DSSGCM
  • Nominated by: naath, Thog, Kilgore, beata, Sheyona

Three Votes

Attaining Nirvana

  • Artist: Denny Crane
  • Description: Here sits a rather corpulent fellow made of Gold Ore . He holds a Walking Stick from which hangs a **Coconut and a Strand of Silk. At his bare feet sits an Acceptance of Woolly Mammoth, an Acceptance of Skippy, an Acceptance of Rabbit, and an Acceptance of Golfer. At his right side sits an Acceptance of Ultra-Violent Guard. At his left side stands an Acceptance of Morpheus, looking equally serene. Far overhead soars an Acceptance of Space Invader, an Acceptance of Roc and a Acceptance of 137 headed Hydra, all with a look of utter peace and contentment. The golden man has comes to terms with his monsters, and a Bottle of Tequila is being passed around between the lot of them. A faint strain of zither music is heard in the background.
  • Location: Mall, floor 25
  • Nominated by: Rhapsodie, Kilgore, Sertularian

In the Beginning

  • Artist: hollyhamster
  • Description: It was as if a Darken Spell had been cast over the internet, the games were Mud and Bone without a Magic Scroll to cast the light of interest into their Sheep Heart. Then the 'king wrote a game, a beautiful game, a small Perl in the Shell of the database scripts. The game was Cities and it stole the hearts and minds (and sleep) of many. It was all there as he had written iton a memory Card: The Emperor on another Card: The Empress he and his good lady. He had written the Great Lords too on one Card: The Magician, another Card: The Hermit and on yet another Card: The Fool. He added more cards, one Card: Death another Card: Justice and then finally there was one memory Card: The World And he looked at it and was happy (until someone pointed out the spelling mistakes) and all the citizens celebrated!
  • Location: 20E 5N DSSGCM
  • Nominated by: Rhapsodie, Kilgore, The Masseuse

They may fly for a day

  • Artist: Daveman
  • Description: A lone living Mayfly (Hope) stands atop a mountain of his dead brethren.He looks upon a single Mayfly Egg clutched in his rapidly dying fingers.In his eyes lies the pain of knowing the hour of his child's death. For 18 hours his young will fly free... only to die a horrid death in the hands of an uncaring master. Scattered around the statue are further monuments to the plight of the mayfly. A Small Pink Flag stands as a reminder of the sacrifice of the mayfly mothers, who must endure the slavery of their young. A Small Blue Flag perched atop an unsheathed Rusty Sword is a monument to the bravery of the mayfly, who go into battle with nothing but their undying courage and a 10% chance to inflict 1 damage. A Small Yellow Flag entwined with a Sacrificial Dagger reminds us all of the untold numbers of fallen mayflies that lie dead in player's inventories everywhere and have not recieved a proper burial. They may be forgotten by their masters, but their fellow mayflies will never forget....WE will never forget. In the background plays the haunting melody of a Copy of 'I Will Survive' .... I've got all my life to live.... I've got all my love to give..... and I'll survive .....I will survive......
  • Location: Mall, floor 25
  • Nominated by: Rhapsodie *sniff*, Kilgore, Scrumbucket

Two Votes

It's some sort of metaphor!

  • Artist: LimeHan
  • Description: Atop this plinth, held up by a single angled rod of Carbon, is a smaller Plinth. Sitting on top of that is a single, lonely Stone.
  • Location: 59E 46S DSSGCM
  • Nominated by: Scrumbucket, ford_prefect

My 'kingdom for a Horse!

  • Artist: Kressida
  • Description: A Bronze Ore Statue of a War Horsie (Hypnos) slumped over the plinth, wearing a Kings Crest Talisman around his neck and sitting on a bed of Sheaf of Wheat The sad face sprinkled with a Bit of Gold a discarded Fiddle lies between its hooves.
  • Location: 19E 6N DSSGCM
  • Nominated by: Cthu1hu, Rhapsodie

The Shining Icosahedron

  • Artist: BortJr
  • Description: This is a huge Icosahedron (that's the shape of a D20 ) carved out of a huge Bit of Silver . Each of its faces have been polished to a Mirror finish, and it sits on a pedestal made of 6 Iron plates that are held together with Rivets. A sealed Barrel with a slot in the top sits at the front of the pedestal. It bears a plaque reading "50,000 GPS or more".
  • Location: Mall, floor 25
  • Nominated by: ford_prefect AmishRobots

Robert Heinlein Tributue

  • Artist: katerwaul
  • Description: The great author stands wearing Pair of Reading Glasses , and carrying a Copy of The Door into Summer in one hand and in the other a Mug of Coffee . He gazes in the direction of the memorial library.
  • Location: 16E 9N DSSGCM
  • Nominated by: Elseware, ford_prefect

One Vote

Argh, saaales...

  • Artist: Rhapsodie
  • Description: A Zombie poses artistically, dressed in Elephant Hide and a Pair of Dr. Martins. It is listening to a Copy of 'Diamonds Are Forever' on an iPod.
  • Location: Mall, floor 25
  • Nominated by: Sertularian

A Shopping Trip

  • Artist: hollyhamster
  • Description: 7 Iron raillings stand to either side of the Zombie store guard keeping a wary Sheep Eye on the customers. A Length of Bunting and a huge Arrow direct the unsuspecting customer towads the sale box, a Magic Ball, a Toy Unicorn, a rapidly melting Snowball and an Acorn all await purchase for a shiney Gold Piece. For those foolish enoug to have forgotten lunch a restaurant offers a Tray of Curry or a Pot of Kraken Klaw Koleslaw. This is the mall, enter at your peril!
  • Location: Mall, Floor 25
  • Nominated by: Sertularian

Capitalisms innocent victims

  • Artist: phw
  • Description: Chains hang from the ceiling, ending in hooks. Suspended from the hooks is Merchants Goldfish (Donald), dead and slightly decomposed. It's innocent little face bares an expression of suprise. A Sheet of Paper rests on the ground beneath it, weighed down by a Gold Piece. It reads 'The price of capitalism is always paid by those who can least afford it'.
  • Location: Mall, floor 25
  • Nominated by: Eusebia

Grandma's Concern

  • Artist: Gretchin
  • Description: A statue of a stern looking grandmother wearing an Apron and a Pair of Reading Glasses stands here. In one hand she is holding a Spatula and with her other hand she appears to be offering you a Vial of Suncream
  • Location: 66E 46S DSSGCM
  • Nominated by: Sertularian

The Map

  • Artist: Rhapsodie
  • Description: A giant Fountain Pen poises over a large, flat Bit of Molten Glass upon which is etched Treasure Map (Rose Beards Treasure).
  • Location: 65E 46S DSSGCM
  • Nominated by: Scrumbucket

The Shining Icosahedron

  • Artist: BortJr
  • Description: This is a huge Icosahedron (that's the shape of a D20 ) carved out of a huge Bit of Silver . Each of its faces have been polished to a Mirror finish, and it sits on a pedestal made of 6 Iron plates that are held together with Rivets. A sealed Barrel with a slot in the top sits at the front of the pedestal. It bears a plaque reading "50,000 GPS or more".
  • Location: Mall, floor 25
  • Nominated by: ford_prefect
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