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Butter your Toast!

Eat it, maybe?

Needed to make Dundee Cake, which is essential for the Jock McStrapp quest.

Make mashed potato.

Where to get it

After milking a cow to get a Pint of Milk, attack a Twister. (Twisters may appear as "Dust Devils" or "Water Spouts", depending on your location. It's currently unknown whether or not Blizzards can churn milk.) This will convert all your Pints of Milk into Sticks of Butter, randomly warp you a short distance away, and cause "Everything's Spinning".

Blizzards don't convert milk to butter
Pints of Cream, Sheep's Milk, and Goat's Milk are not turned into butter. Also, note that milk isn't turned into butter unless the twister hits you; if it misses, you have to attack it again. --Naimoigiant 17:15, 3 December 2008 (GMT)

You no longer lose a significant proportion of your stuff by attacking Twisters. Also, do not equip the Pint of Milk, it might break if you attack with it, and it's not necessary to do so.

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