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  • Weapon: 2 damage, -10% to hit.
  • Use as ammo for a Sling.
  • Armourers can build a Trebuchet.
  • Attack Scissor Beasts and Small Scissor Beasts with stones to kill them in a single hit.
  • Sell to the Rock Shop in Brighthelm for 50 gold.
  • Required in the Treasure Hunt quest.
  • Build and maintain various Guild rooms.

Where to get it

  • Buy from the Rock Shop in Brighthelm for 2000 gold.
  • Dropped by Rock Trolls, Young Rock Trolls and Mud Men.
  • Gained when mining and you fail to get a metal ore.
  • Grown by neutral-aligned players when they plant a Magic Bean.
  • Defecated by dung beetles of all ages.
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