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Abbreviation: SC
Guild Numbers: 10
Leadership: Sgt. Duke Billz8 MD
Goals: further the purposes of its members
Recruitment Policy: under discussion
Contact: To contact us go here
Who controls the British Crown?

Who keeps the metric system down?
We Do! We Do!
Who keeps Atlantis off the maps?
Who keeps the Martians under wraps?
We Do! We Do!
Who holds back the electric car?
Who makes Steve Guttenberg a star?
We Do! We Do!
Who robs cavefish of their sight?
Who rigs every Oscar night?
We Do! We Do!

The Sacred Order of Stonecutters exists solely to further the purposes of its members.

New members are assigned a number based on the order in which they joined.


The NEW Stonecutters, re-listed as the Guild becomes officially recognized.

Sgt. Duke Billz8 MD Member #0001 Earth
Armourer/Shaman Meteu Member #0002 Water
Sgt. Duke Jon MD Member #0003 Air
Sgt. Duke TerrorRemedy MD Member #0004 Fire
Duke Che MD Member #0005 Fire
Sgt. Duke 7of9 MD Member #0006 Fire
Pvt. Duke Unstenk MD Member #0007 Fire

Pending members:

  • Deva


The Sacred Order of Stonecutters has existed for a long time, more than a year before guilds were introduced into the game.

Below is the membership of the original incarnation.

Guild template

After a couple weeks without any comments for further changes, we finally decided on a template:

Image:Smallstone.GIF Stonecutter
This user is a proud member of
The Sacred Order of Stonecutters.

To add it to your user page just type {{Stonecutter}} wherever you want it.

Guild Chatter

All of the group related discussion was moved here

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