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Please use this page to document what you find when you search in the store room in Kansas. This will help us calculate how common things are there. Please include the results of all searches, otherwise the probabilities will be wrong. Also, timestamp your entry in case this makes a difference. I'm guessing that Game Time = Wiki Time. This page is fashioned after the ruin search probabilities page.

Should a "Nothing" Column be added? Or is it that you always find something?
You always find something.


Data Table

Sig Number of Searches Items Found
Vashka 9 Bucket, Rusty Sword, Empty Jar, Magic Bean, Midas Wand, Empty Vial, Spade, Spade, Magic Bean
LittleHamster 11:06, 12 Jan 2006 (GMT) 10 4 rusty swords, 1 empty jar, 1 feather, 1 bucket, 1 stone, 1 empty vial, 1 wand of illusion
Bebe 41 4 Empty jars, 7 Empty vials, 5 Rusty swords, 3 Palantir-as-you-go, 3 Firecrackers, 2 Pair of Scissors, 2 Magic Ball, Magic Bean, 2 Mirror, Plans for a Survey Vessel, Piece of Chalk, Midas Wand, 3 Bottle of Wine, Spade, Sheet of Paper, Plans for a Raft, Pocket Watch, Fountain Pen, Feather ... Not worth it, could get much much better things with those 820 AP XD My testing is done :P
Chad 11 A fountain pen, 2 Feathers, Bucket, Pair of Scissors, Piece of Chalk, stone, magic bean, a spade, magic ball, a fag. Waste of AP :(
Gaccm 11 Magic Opal, 3 Mirrors, Wand of Illusion, Fountain Pen, Pin, 2 Dull Swords, Magic Ball, 2 Magic beans
Markles 1 Magic Ball
Thog 5 Fountain Pen, Wand of Illusion, Mirror, Cloak of Invisibility, Bucket
Pestalinc 19 2 Glass Swords, 2 Spades, Bull Wip, 2 Peaces of Paper, 2 Midas Wands, Bucket, 3 Maps, Sumonstone, 3 Magic Balls, 2 Empty Jars, Empty Bottle
09:38, 12 February 2006 (GMT) 9 Vial of Salad Dressing, Rusty Sword, Fag, 2 Piece of Chalk, Magic Bean, Sheet of Paper, Primary Key, Pair of Scissors
Jatt 24 2 Bottles of Wine, 2 Rusty Swords, 2 Feathers, Magic Emerald, Bucket, 2 Magic Balls, Pocketwatch, Palintir-as-you-go, Stone, Spade, 3 Empty Jars, Magic Bean, Sun Stone, Glass Sword, Piece of Chalk, Dragon Blood, Magic Ruby, MIDAS WAND! (Finally! That's what I was staying around for! I can leave now! ;-) )
akash06375 3 3 feathers(freaking waste of 60 ap)
GrumpyNick 1 Palantir-as-you-go
Rutho 4 Dragon Blood, Stone, Feather, Sheet of Paper
Deathpooky 7 Plan for a Raft, 2 Vials of Salad Dressing, Stone, Rusty Sword, 2 Pins
Markous 295

31 Bottle(s) of Wine, 11 Bucket(s), 2 Bullwhip(s), 5 Calander(s), Dose of Magic Powder, 3 Dragon Blood, 2 Dull Sword, 17 Empty Jar(s), 23 Empty Vial(s), 3 Fag(s), 34 Feather(s), 5 Fire Cracker(s), 6 Fountian Pen(s), 3 Glass Sword(s), 15 Magic Ball(s), 12 Magic Bean(s), Magic Emerald, 4 Magic Opal(s), Magic Ruby, 3 Map(s), 4 Midas Wand(s), 6 Mirror(s), 11 Palantir(s)-As-You-Go, 2 Pair(s) of Scissors, 18 Piece(s) of Chalk, 3 Pin(s), 2 Plan(s) for a Ferry, 2 Plan(s) for a Raft, 4 Plan(s) for a Survey Vessel, 4 Pocket Watch(s), 4 Primary Key(s), 26 Rusty Sword(s), 7 Sheet(s) of paper, 5 Spade(s), 4 Stone(s), 2 Summoning Stone(s), 2 Sun Stone(s), Vial of Salad Dressing, 4 Wand(s) of Illusion

Lalumi 9 Empty Jar, Pair of Scissors, Wand of Illusion, Bull Whip, Palantir-as-you-go, 2 Pieces of Chalk, Magic Ball, Feather
Rhyolite, 9:44 pm 11 2 Magic Balls, Feather, Fire Cracker, 3 Rusty Swords, Piece of Chalk, Reznor Blade, 2 Bull Whips
Elan 9 3 Empty Vials, Fountain Pen, Fire Cracker, Bottle of Wine, Bucket, Piece of Chalk, Plans for a Raft
Isambard 72 Map, 8 Bottles of Wine, Magic Ball, Summon Stone, Plan for a Survey Vessel, 6 Feathers, 4 Palantirs-as-you-go, Spade, 4 Rusty Swords, 2 Sheets of Paper, Magic Ruby, 9 Empty Vials, 2 Dull Swords, 3 Empty Jars, 4 Pieces of Chalk, 2 Fire Crackers, 3 Pocket Watches, Magic Opal, 4 Pairs of Scissors, 2 Glass Swords, 4 Magic Beans, 2 Vials of Salad Dressing, Bull Whip, Stone, Primary Key, Mirror, Plan for a Ferry, Dragon Blood
Geayzus 03:29, 27 April 2006 (BST) 64 2 Buckets, Palantir-as-you-Go, 2 Pins, 9 Bottles of Wine, 4 Magic Balls, Cloak of Invisibility, 4 Empty Vials, 3 Pocket Watches, 4 Sheets of Paper, 2 Mirrors, 2 Empty Jars, 3 Fountain Pens, 5 Rusty Swords, 2 Wands of Illusion, Spade, 4 Feathers, Magic Opal, Summon Stone, Dose of Magic Powder, 3 Fire Crackers, 2 Stones, Plans for a Raft, Magic Bean, Calendar, Midas Wand, Bull Whip
Celane 32 Empty Jar x2, Bottle of Wine x5, Fag, Sheet of Paper x3, Mirror, Feather x2, Sun Stone x2, Empty Vial x2, Plan for a Ferry, Pin, Plan for a Raft, Spade, Bucket, Piece of Chalk, Magic Bean x5, Fire Cracker x2, Rusty Sword
nobody2357 146 3 fags, 17 bottles of wine, 7 Fountain pens, 12 magic beans, 1 dose of magic powder, 14 feathers, 11 pieces of chalk, 11 empty vials, 5 rusty swords, 6 wands of illusion, 3 magic balls, 3 buckets, 4 sheets of paper, 1 pocket watch, 4 pins, 2 spades, 2 plans of a raft, 9 empty jars, 1 magic opal, 1 magic emerald, 2 pairs of scissors, 2 glass swords, 3 mirrors, 3 midas wands, 1 palantir-as-you-go, 2 vials of salad dressing, 3 stones, 5 maps, 1 dragon blood, 1 fire cracker, 1 calander, 1 magic ruby, 1 sun stone, 1 plan for a ferry, 1 plan for a survey vessel, 1 reznor blade
Gregor 6 2 feathers, 1 Magic Ball, 1 Mincer, 1 stone, 1 vial of Salad Dressing
Sharruma Oct/Nov 2006 98 11 Bottles Of Wine, 2 Buckets, 1 Bull Whip, 1 Cloak Of Invisibility, 1 Dose of Magic Powder, 1 Dragon Blood, 7 Empty Jars, 1 Empty Vial, 2 Fire Crackers, 7 Feathers, 2 Forks, 2 Fountain Pens, 3 Glass Swords, 5 Magic Balls, 3 Magic Beans, 1 Magic Emerald, 1 Magic Opal, 2 Mincers, 1 Mirror, 2 Mortars, 1 Pair Of Scissors, 1 Pair Of Tongs, 4 Palantirs-as-you-go, 2 Pestles, 9 Pieces Of Chalk, 1 Pin, 2 Plans For A Survey Vessel, 4 Rusty Swords, 4 Sheets Of Paper, 2 Spatulas, 7 Stones, 3 Summon Stones, 1 Sun Stone, 1 Vial Of Salad Dressing
Bubba_the_Shy 51 a Pin, 3 Spades, 3 Bottles of Wine, 3 Magic Balls, a Wand of Illusion, 2 Pieces of Chalk, a Stone, a Dragon Blood, 2 Vials of Salad Dressing, 2 Mortars, 2 Forks, 3 Mirrors, a Fag, 4 Empty Vials, 2 Sheets of Paper, a Mincer, 4 Empty Jars, a Feather, 2 Buckets, a Glass Sword, a Summon Stone, a Fire Cracker, 3 Rusty Swords, a Pair of Tongs, 2 Palantirs-as-you-go, a Magic Ruby, a Magic Bean, a Fountain Pen.
Boobie 17 a Vial of Salad Dressing, 2 Empty Vials, Spatula, Mortar, Dose of Magic Powder, Bottle of Wine, Magic Ruby, Pestle, 2 Fountain Pens, 2 Pieces of Chalk, Fork, 2 Glass Swords, Bull Whip.
Plopfill 16 Empty Jar, Plans for a Zodiac, Magic Ball, Rusty Sword, Bucket, Empty Jar, Summon Stone, Mincer, Empty Vial, Fag, Empty Vial, Empty Vial, Mincer, Pestle, Plan for a Ferry, and Bottle of Wine

Bulk Statistics

Based on a total of 965 searches:

Object Quantity Probability
Glass Sword 16 1.65%
Midas Wand 13 1.34%
Primary Key 6 0.62%
Other 930 96.37%


Well, I would say it seems to be random items. Quite a bit of "Junk", but that could be the random part. No Elemental things? Emmanovi 19:05, 7 Feb 2006 (GMT)

The idea of the table is to help other players make an informed decision on whether to sink AP in the store room. If it's not for this, you wouldn't know you can get midas wands, would you? LittleHamster 11:57, 8 Feb 2006 (GMT)

I spent 300 AP on this (two doses of magic powder) and came away with - amoung other junk - 3 glass swords, so not only would I say that its worth it, but I also can happily report that its possible to get glass swords. I was hoping for a midas wand, but I'm not going to spend any more AP.

You mean it's worth it, but not worth it enough?

Store Rooms in the tunnels

Since there are also store rooms in the tunnels, I thought that it would be worth keeping track of them too.

Data Table

Sig Number of Searches Items Found
loog 16 3 Bottle of Sparkling Wine, 1 Bottle of Wine, 5 Empty Bottle, 1 Mug of Ale, 3 Empty Jar, 2 Can of Lager, 1 Bottle of Tomato Juice
Greycat 5 3 Empty Jars, 2 Empty Bottles
Greycat 11 1 Bottle of Sparkling Wine, 2 Bottles of Tomato Juice, 1 Bottle of Wine, 3 Empty Bottles, 4 Empty Jars

Hmmm, this storeroom was under the Royal Wine Bar - I think that it has a predisposition towards drinks. I'll have to try this again from another location.

Looking closer, the two known store rooms in the South-West Tunnels are both underneath pubs. There is also a store room in the North-West Tunnels and it is under the Dungeon Club... So, they are probably all going to yield lots of glassware.

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