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Please add new suggestions to the appropriate page, not under sub-headings on this page.


Implemented Suggestions

Check to make sure that your suggestion isn't already in development. This includes items that may be planned but not yet released to the game, as well as situations where Elsewhere (or other Great Lords) have rejected, for whatever reason.

Ideas for Quests

If you have an idea for a new quest or a way to improve a quest place it on this page.

New or Improved Items

If you have an idea for a new item, or a suggestion as to how to improve an item place it on this page, or to change the way an item or location acts, or... basically anything related to items in the game.

UI Improvements

Suggestions related to the interface should go here.

Market Suggestions

Suggestions related to the market should go here

Other Suggestions

If it doesn't fit in any of the above.

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