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List of Monast(e)ries

This list is taken from the Great Cities Mapping Project (As the current data was unavailable at the time of writing, I pulled the 18 June 2008 version from the Wayback Machine). This should make it a bit easier to track down the one you need. Also, it would probably be a good idea for players to indicate which monastry they found Count Dante at so that we can (a) identify a pattern, if any, and/or (b) narrow down the list of 93 locations to ones that are actually likely to be the right one in order to reduce wandering. --Naimoigiant 02:05, 21 April 2010 (BST)

I sorted these in a hopefully useful way --naath 10:26, 21 April 2010 (BST)


  • St. Matthews 5E 2N DSSGCM (Windy City)
  • St. Lukes 97E 4N DSSGCM (Earth City)
  • St. Johns 94E 97N DSSGCM (Water City)
  • St. Marks 3E 93N DSSGCM (Fire City)

West of the Dark Mountains (search from the West road)

North of the Troll Mountains (search from the North Road)

South of the Barrier Mountains (search from the South Road)

In the interior (search from the Standing Stones)

East of the Grey Mountains (search from the East Road)

Monsters You Might Get

(hopefully someone will help fill this in!) It seems that largely only small and medium sorts of monsters are included. Up to a few hundred HP but not those with thousands (krakens for instance). No monsters Oz or wizard only monsters have been seen. But we have been sent to Space, the Desert, the Frozen North and the Astral Plain (sometimes several times) as well as the main area. You will almost certainly need a Ghastly Bling, a Diamond Bling is definately an advantage. Some kinds of monsters 'count' even when they have the wrong name; for instance the number of Gulls requested is irrelevant, if your Arctic Undine becomes a Frozen Undine that's fine just kill it, Big Bats and Bloody Big Bats are the same monster. Other monsters don't - you have to get the right size mimic, tar, n0rx etc (and sometimes this isn't obvious, especially with mimics).

Individual Information

If there's a pattern, perhaps we can figure it out by cataloging our star sign and order of critters

Heyus2 - Monastry: 25E 67N DSSGCM, Star sign: Salamander

Penguin, Mimic, Sparrow, Mud Man, King Cobra, GNU, Big n0rx, Cobra, Small Air Dragon, Small Fire Dragon, Small Sand Worm, Field Mouse, Leprechaun, Knights who say Ni, Mink, Squirrel, Yeti, Small Mimic, Rattle Snake, Dark Mist, Cow, Earth Dragon, Really Large Asteroid, Boa, Space Monster, LLama, Undine, Vampire, Sister, Thunder Bird

Sertularian - Monastry: 57E 94N DSSGCM, Star sign: Eagle

King Cobra Crouch, Slow Worm Hold, Gygax Punch, Glow Worm Crouch, Small Fire Dragon Stance, Esquilax Stance, Mimic Hold, Loucee Nerve Pinch, Rock Troll Crouch, Chicken Punch, perky n0rx Punch, Badger Hold, R.O.U.S. Crouch, Llama Hold, Mud Man Crouch, Toad Hold, Ninja Crouch, Lion Kick, Sparrow Crouch, Earth Worm Stance, Small Water Dragon Kick, Large Mimic Jab, Ghost Jab, Living Tar Punch, Mink Stance, Sister Stance, big n0rx Nerve Pinch, Yeti Hold, Ice Dragon Stance, Roc Nerve Pinch
See more here.

Che - Monastry: 42E 89N DSSGCM Starsign: Salamander

Big Bat (not going any further for now, since I was in the mage career, and I'm not sure if I'm coming back to the game or not)

naath - Monastry: 27E 98N DSSGCM, Star sign: Pheonix

Duck, Small Scissor Beast, Living Tar, Space Monster, 17 Gulls (23 gulls worked), asteroid, hippy, Air dragon, sparrow, small fire dragon, penguin, ice warrior, field mouse, eagle, small water dragon, large asteroid, large living tar, mist, tar baby, bull, knights who say ni, dark mist, angel, ashim, arctic undine, python, water dragon, garter snake, sheep, stoner.

ethifel - Monastry: 31E 91N DSSGCM, Star sign: Triffid

Thunder Bird, Small Water Dragon, Llama, Ice Warrior, King Cobra, Mink, Glacier Fox, Gygax, Bear, squirrel, Ice Camel, Mud man, ghost, GNU, Air Dragon, Small Air Dragon, sheep, beni elohim, desert fox, python, small scissor beast, glow worm, mist, living tar, asteroid, gnome, arctic undine (frozen undine OK), slow worm, big n0rx, bloody big bat (big bat worked)

Ade - Monastry: 3E 36N DSSGCM, Star sign: Sparrow Starting Alignment: Earth Current Alignment: Ice Origami Ogre Crouch, Field Mouse Hold, Dark Mist Kick, Duck Kick, Small Mimic, Vampire Punch, Glow Worm Nerve Pinch, Thunder Bird Punch, Undine Hold, Air Dragon Jab

Kaos Dragon - Monastry: 93E 31N DSSGCM, Star sign: Worm

Squirrel, Slow Worm, Really Large Asteroid, Aurora Borealis, 18 Gulls, Young Rock Troll, Cow, Mimic, Eagle, Angel, Rock Troll, Yeti, Llama, Large Mimic, GNU, Gnome, small n0rx, Esquilax, Small Water Dragon, Bear, Small Earth Dragon, Ice Warrior, Beni Elohim, Badger, Small Fire Dragon, Knights who say Ni, Small Mimic, Ashim, Wisp, perky n0rx

JAD - Monastry: 3E 36N DSSGCM, Star sign: Penguin, Alignment: Fire, Job: Wizard

Desert Fox, Perky N0rx, Space Monster, Small N0rx, Dark Mist, Small Fire Dragon, Fire Fox, Beni Elohim, Rock Troll, GNU, Ghost, Air Dragon, Penguin, Mink, 24 Gulls, Large Living Tar, Ashim, Ice Dragon, Lepricorn, Tar Baby, Loucee, Stoner, Jabberwock, Undine, Triffid, Duck, Sylph, Sgt. Duke JADW27 MD, Young Rock Troll, Small Paper Mache Golem

Jon - Monastry: 73E 81N DSSGCM, Star sign: Undine

Stoner, Boa, Triffid, Jabberwock, Ice Camel, Loucee, Lepricorn, Earth Dragon, Cobra, Esquilax, Earth Worm, Bloody Big Bat, Rattle Snake, Mud Man, Big n0rx, Mink, 17 Gulls, Yeti, Small Fire Dragon, Aurora Borealis, Small Scissor Beast, Slow Worm, Quite Small Asteroid, Living Tar, Sister, Mist, Badger, Field Mouse, GNU, King Cobra

Master Armourer Sy - Monastry 99E 74N DSSGCM Star Sign: Penguin Alignment: Fire (same as character creation) Occupation: Master Armourer

Poison Hand ordered list here -- Bull, Snake (Perhaps a King Cobra - poisoned me good), Ice Camel, Small Fire Dragon, Arctic Undine, Small Mimic, Rock Troll, Undine, Mink, Vampire, Sister, Badger, Wolf, Thunderbird, Yeti, Wisp, Small Water Dragon, Ice Warrior, Leprechaun, Snake (Must have been a Rattlesnake), Tar Baby, Glow Worm, Fire Dragon, Asteroid, Bat, Kerubim, Toad, Sylph, Living Tar, Duck
Total AP spent completing quest: 7074

Gonzometro - Monastry: 31E 91N DSSGCM, Star sign: Glow Worm

Perky Norx, Slow Worm, Boa, Cobra, Goat, Kerubim, Ice Warrior, Aurora Borealis, Duck, Hippy, Earth Worm, Living Tar, Thunderbird, Mink, Stoner, Small Sand Worm, 23 Gulls, Ice Dragon, Triffid, Sister, Toad, Leprechaun, Really Large Asteroid, Garter Snake, Space Monster, Sparrow, Sylph, Gygax, Coral Snake, Salamander

Wizard Naimoigiant - Monastry: 1E 81N DSSGCM, star sign: Salamander, starting alignment: fire, current alignment: earth

Kerubim, mud man, triffid, llama, king cobra, rattle snake, cow, sparrow, eagle, wisp, bull, coral snake, big n0rx, small mimic, ice warrior, garter snake, ashim, lost spirit, air dragon, small earth dragon, earth worm, small paper mache golem, salamander, origami ogre, mink, large living tar, loucee, thunder bird, angel, mimic

Master Armourer Guildorn - Monastry: 26E 96N DSSGCM, star sign: Pheonix, starting alignment: water, current alignment: fire

Small earth dragon, ashim, ice dragon

TDSupreme- Monastry: 23E 64N DSSGCM, Star sign: Worm, starting alignment: water, current water

Young Rock Troll, Knights who say Ni, Coral Snake, big n0rx, Salamander, Mist, Ninja, Llama, Hippy, Bear, Small Air Dragon, Sheep, Lion, Small Paper Mache Golem, Stoner, n Gulls, Sister, Large Mimic, GNU, Badger, Ghost, Wisp, Fire Dragon, Dark Mist, Loucee, Roc, Leprichaun, Field Mouse, Duck, Pinata in a Tree.

Prthivi - Monastry: 35E 92N DSSGCM, Starsign: Air Dragon, starting alignment: Earth, current: Ice

Duck, Fire Dragon, Ice Camel, Ice Dragon, Large Mimic, King Cobra, Quite Small Asteroid (didn't give the "You feel deadly" message when killed), Roc, Sheep, Small Water Dragon, Space Monster, Sylph, Toad, Undine,

Kilgore - Monastry: 27E 98N DSSGCM, Starsign: Dragon, starting alignment: Fire, current: Pure

Goat, Sheep, Beni Elohim, Asteroid, Earth Worm, Glow Worm, small Earth Dragon, Mimic, Duck, Small Paper Mache Golem, Rock Troll, Wisp, Ice Warrior, Living Tar, Tar Baby, Lion, Python, vampire, angel, Loucee, air dragon, quite small asteroid, Young Rock Troll, field mouse, eagle, mist, big n0rx, Thunder Bird, pinata, bull.

bel3338 - Monastry: 77E 82N DSSGCM, Starsign: Lion, starting alignment: Fire, current: Fire

Ninja, Firefox, small n0rx, Pinata in a Tree, Yeti, Small Scissor Beast, Esquilax, Mud Man, Vampire, Wolf, perky n0rx, Small Fire Dragon, Lion, Sylph, Kerubim, Lost Spirit, Really Large Asteroid, Small Earth Dragon, Toad, Living Tar, King Cobra, Scissor Beast, Glacier Fox, Ice Dragon, Mimic, Triffid, Bear, Small Air Dragon, Squirrel, Ghost

density - Monastry: 57E 93N DSSGCM, Starsign: Fire Dragon, starting alignment (gots to think about it...) FIRE! Current alignment: earth. Monsters fought: Triffid, pinata, gnome, ashim...

Caelicoli - Monastry: 19E 66N DSSGCM, Starsign: GNU

Bear, Eagle, Small Water Dragon, Cow, Ice Dragon, Small Fire Dragon, Water Dragon, Chicken, Knights who say Ni, Vampire, Gygax, Arctic Undine, Goat, Pinata in a Tree, Field Mouse, Esquilax, Fire Fox, Small Sand Worm, Stoner, Origami Ogre, Coral Snake, GNU, Yeti, big n0rx, Large Asteroid, Garter Snake, Sgt. Duke Caelicoli MD (Mimic), Earth Worm, Toad, Mud Man.

JohnTClark1E 82N DSSGCM Star sign: Fire Fox, Starting element: Fire, Current Earth

Rattle Snake. Asteroid, Pinata in a Tree, Lion, Boa5, Triffid, Jabberwock, Hippy, Coral Snake, Python, Penguin, Living Tar, Chicken, Ice Warrior, Salamander, Eagle, Scissor Beast, Badger, perky n0rx, Sister, Desert Fox, Small Scissor Beast, Glacier Fox, Ice Dragon, Mink, Small Sand Worm, small n0rx, Ninja, Esquilax, Bloody Big Bat

paplaukes 35E 92N DSSGCM Starsign: Sylph, Starting element: Water, Career: Military (Sgt.)

Large Living Tar, Aurora Boreanaz, Roc, R.O.U.S, Cobra, Kitten (Cow), Small Mimic, perky n0rx, Large Mimic, Field mouse, Ice Dragon, Gygax, Wisp, Eagle, Vampire, Arctic Undine, Wolf and counting

GrumpyNick Monastery:47E 74N DSSGCM Starsign: Worm, Starting alignment: Earth, Current alignment: Fire

Bull, Earth Worm, Sheep, Yeti, Really Large Asteroid, Loucee, Small Fire Dragon, Wolf, Roc, Vampire, Eagle, Ice Warrior , Field Mouse, Ghost, GNU, Duck, King Cobra, Ninja, Wisp, Space Monster, Dark Mist, Ashim, Arctic Undine, Toad, Lion, Pinata in a tree, Earth Dragon, Python, Aurora Borealis
Would'ya look at that! Two trips to space, two to the frozen North and one to Oz and a monastery in the interior. No wonder it took me so long!

Dragon Monastry:80E 21N DSSGCM Starsign: Angel, starting alignment: fire

Pinata in a Tree, Chicken, Penguin, Small Water Dragon, Gnome, Goat, Small Air Dragon, Llama, Ashim, Roc, Fire Fox, Large Mimic, Desert Fox, Mist, Young Rock Troll, Glow Worm, Living Tar, Space Monster, Badger, Leprucawn, Triffid, Ice Warrior, Small Paper Mache Golem, Salamander, Lost Spirit, Slow Worm, Ninja, Vampire, small n0rx

antdos Monastry:57E 92N DSSGCM Starsign: Worm, Starting/current alignment: Water

mintaka Monastery: 74E 82N DSSGCM Starsign: Earth Dragon, Starting and current alignment: Air

Sparrow, Field Mouse, Pinata in a tree, Sylph, Desert Fox, Bull, GNU, Triffid...

Ravensdance Monastery: 27E 98N DSSGCM, Starsign: Sparrow, Starting alignment: Fire

Fire Fox, Pinata, Ice Camel, Badger, Roc, Fire Dragon, Really Large Asteroid, Chicken, Small Sand Worm, Sister, Perky n0rx, Cobra, Space Monster, Hippy, Big n0rx, Mimic, Wisp, Knights Who Say Ni, Desert Fox, Scissor Beast, Cow, Loucee, Garter Snake, Bull, Beni Elohim, Young Rock Troll, Vampire, Jabberwock, GNU, Rock Troll, Sheep,

Scrumbucket - Monastry: 64E 16N DSSGCM, Starsign: Salamander, Starting/Current Alignment: Fire/Fire

Origami Ogre, Bat, Small Scissor Beast, Earth Worm, Quite Small Asteroid, Wolf, Goat, Really Large Asteroid, ?

BlaisedeC - Monastry: 57E 91N DSSGCM, Starsign: Lion, Starting/Current Alignment: Water/Air


plopfill Monastery: 7E 18N DSSGCM, Starsign: Sparrow

Large Mimic, Stoner, Wolf, Fire Fox, Beni Elohim, Coral Snake, Earth Worm, Squirrel, Young Rock Troll, King Cobra, Space Monster, Ice Camel, Angel, Llama, Really Large Asteroid, Salamander, Sister, Python, Jabberwock, Origami Ogre, asteroid, Ninja, Badger, Lost Spirit, Field Mouse, Mink, Goat, Boa, Mimic, Glacier Fox


Does anyone have a difficult to get to monastery? Mine is about 5 east of Harvey Farm, so I'm just a quick horn's blow away. I know Prthivi is pretty close to Fire City.

It also looks like JAD and I share the same monastery. We have different star signs, though. I was born as earth and I'm currently ice aligned. But so was Prthivi and he has a completely different one to report to.

So this makes me think it's random. Thoughts? --Ade 12:06, 25 April 2010 (BST)

Of the people who've listed their monasteries so far, there are four sets of two who have the same monastery: Ade and JAD, Naath and Kilgore, Ethifel and Gonzometro, and Prthivi and Paplaukes. None of them seem to have the same starsign or alignment, so it's not based on that, at least. A disproportionate number of people seem to have monasteries along the North Road, though: 14 of the 25 people who've given their information. There's also no one yet with a monastery along the South Road. Maybe this is just too few people to tell, but there could be some kind of pattern, or areas that are off-limits. Mintaka 22:14, 2 June 2010 (BST)
Sorry, mine's closer to the South Road than anything. I was going to wait until I was done to put my info up here, but I'm taking it much more slowly than I expected to, so I think I'll just do it right... now. -Scrumbucket 05:00, 3 June 2010 (BST)
Mine isn't difficult to get to per se, but it's 21 steps south of water city. Kinda AP intensive to walk to every time I kill a bugger. Course, I use button masher to get there once I crack a water talisman. Syagrius 15:54, 25 April 2010 (BST)
Mine is about midway between two Cities, but close to the road. So like Sy, it's not difficult but it's AP-intensive. I wonder about:
  • Is there just one potential Monastry per player?
  • When you pick up the book, is your Monastry(ies) assigned deterministically or randomly?
  • Is every Monastry possible, or is there a subset?
We're gonna need a lot more data. -- Sertularian 16:02, 25 April 2010 (BST)
Now that I think about it, any monastery is fairly easy to get to with a combination of the repeat function, talismans, standing stones and teleporters. I'm also wondering if the whole list of monsters is up for grabs. A plot bunny to a Sgt. Duke would be very difficult, if not impossible. Or an Ophannim. --Ade 22:30, 25 April 2010 (BST)
Based on the data above, I'd assume the list is trimmed (we haven't seen Shark, Kraken, Cute Seal, Pirates, Sea Lions, any Oz critters, or other obnoxiously large critters). That is, unless someone got one of the aforementioned and quit the game. :) - Heyus2 00:13, 26 April 2010 (BST)
I'm just waiting for the game to tell me I have to slay a Poly Dragon. --Prthivi 00:29, 26 April 2010 (BST)
or a mutated poly dragon. I'm really hoping as a master armourer that I don't have to kill mage-related monsters. Killing an Imp would be a (censored)ing (censored) Syagrius 02:49, 26 April 2010 (BST)
Perhaps this quest will make selling Eyepods a viable business. Selling eyepods with spells such as the Wyrm spell and others would make it easier if any monster had too high of hps to use the human martial attacks. TheRealKilgore
I'm pretty certain that's it's limited to semi-"normal" monsters 500hp and below. Even though killing a kraken is a piece of cake. :) Kaos Dragon 20:07, 27 April 2010 (BST)
I had a Bloody Big Bat which comes in at 3200 HP. I'm fairly sure that's the biggest thing I've faced. Took me close to 1000 AP to get one, half of which I was flying inside the mines for, but the fight itself was still fairly easy. -Jon 23:18, 30 April 2010 (BST)
Bug or Feature? It appears that the author of the book feels that a creature that has had its alignment changed by any character's attack is cowardly. Every time I've killed a aligned python I get the "You feel cowardly" message even though someone else aligned it. Only when I defeated an unaligned python did I succeed.TheRealKilgore
Feature, IMHO. "Attacking" a monster with an alignment wand counts as a non-martial attack (presumably because it would make your task four times easier -- not to mention, a wand's a stick). If you were allowed to let someone else beat your monster up with weapons, then you were to finish it off yourself with one or two martial arts attacks, that would sort of defeat the purpose. Therefore, monsters that others have attacked (even with wands) are considered cowardly. -- Sertularian 14:54, 2 May 2010 (BST)
As a wizard this is easily solved by an 'Align' spell. No attack made by anyone. Then you up your damage multiple to the right level, and wack them a new one.density 14:59, 4 May 2010 (BST)
For Non-Wizardy-types, an eye-pod with an appropriate "Align" spell + a damage multiplier spell would be terribly handy. I've finished, but as a master armourer, my damage multiplier is stuck at 2 - really sucked for the bigger beasties (Ice warrior or Arctic Undine anyone?). Syagrius 01:29, 5 May 2010 (BST)
anyone needing one just let me know. I will be happy to program one for you. I probably have the scroll, but may not have the eye pod or the reagents.density 21:27, 5 May 2010 (BST)
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