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Agar Dish

Make an Agar Dish from a Petri Dish, 6 Seaweed Fronds and a Jelly Fish. Used in sequencing genomes.

Annoying Plastic Thing

Can be discarded for 0 AP. No other apparent use. Syagrius 20:57, 15 March 2006 (GMT)

Attack a waterfowl with one for predictable results. -- Sertularian 02:48, 29 January 2007 (GMT)


To kill a Hista (in a Mine), apply an Anti-Hista (in a Mine)! Kills instantly. Filed under Resource.


useful to find the Ancient Castle

Ball Invitation

This is an invitation to the Ball in the Vanishing Castle. Go to the Ball Room and present your
invitation. All guests are offered a special gift.

The "vanishing castle" is the Ancient Castle. The ballroom is visible after killing all of the Rainbow Guards in order, on the entrance level. You will receive a random ball: Krickit Ball, May Ball, Bomb in a Ball, Tennis Ball, Foot Ball, Giant snowball, snowball, magic ball, blue or red india rubber ball, cannon, and bowling.


Sorts under Resource, nothing listed when selected. Found on an Acceleraptor in the Lost World.

Bent Pin

2 damage 35% to hit, gained by bending a Pin (1AP Earth). Can be combined with a Piece of Wood and a long string to get a Fishing Rod.

Big Piece of Chalk

Writes big lettering on the roads

Bird Cage

Made from 8 Pieces of Wood.

Attack a Pigeon in the Palace to gain a Pigeon (In a cage). Pigeons appear in the North Cote at 11E, 15N.

Bit of Molten Glass

Created by melting Sand (5) using Charcoal (2). Requires fire craft skills. -- Splotch

Can be made into an Empty Bottle, Empty Jar, Empty Vial or an Empty Cocktail Glass (Air 3AP; Fire 9AP; Water 15AP, Earth 9AP).

Black Powder

Useful for all sorts of explosives: Cherry Bombs, Grenades, and of course firing Cannon Balls from your Caravel.

Make 20 units by grinding 15 Saltpetre, 3 Units of Charcoal, and 2 Sulphur in a Ball Mill for Neutral 20AP.

Box of Matches

Received from the Temple in Fire City when you complete Fire Initiation. Necessary for burning wood into charcoal. If you're feeling charitable (or want a smoke) you can offer a light to one of the stoners at the festival.

This is a "sticky" item.

Now with new improved functionality: "Light Match (1AP)" and "Curse Darkness (1AP)"

Brass Cog

Made from 10 Bits of Brass. Required to make Guild Factory Kit.

Brass Wheel

Made from 10 Bits of Brass. Required to make Guild Factory Kit.


Sorts under Junk; nothing listed when it's selected. Ravensdance 10:03, 27 August 2007 (BST)

Now there is, I get a dropdown of the people on the same square as me and the option to push one of them in one of the cardinal directions for 5 AP. When I clicked "Push South" I got:
You push them.
Your broom wore out.
You lose a Broom.

And the person I pushed was moved one space south. There was no enemy in the way and ocean beyond, so I don't know if it would have pushed them farther if there had not been, or if an enemy would have blocked it from happening.--Hamelin 19:50, 2 September 2007 (BST)

Seems they are not tradeable. --Jpv 12:32, 7 September 2007 (BST)

<greycat> heavy boots don't work against a broom?  that's shocking.
<AndyLandy> I already shouted at Elseware about that one
<AndyLandy> The broom was specifically designed with the intention of
  pissing off people growing plums


Build a Buggy from 2 Wheels, 30 Pieces of Wood and an Axel. Costs 30AP--TerrorRemedy 09:42, 8 January 2011 (GMT)


Gives the date in the world.

See entries for Days and Months.

The date system is used in palantirs for accuracy.

Christmas Cracker

Dropped by a variety of monsters at Christmas time. Pull with another player for 1AP, or attack a monster with it to pull it with the monster. One of you gets the big end and the presents.

Clean Bandage

Apply for 5 AP, heals 5 HP of wounds, or 10 HP if you're a MD.

Buy for 100 Gold from General stores. OR Buy for 50 Gold from a Healer OR Buy for 40 Gold from a Hospital (10 for 300 Gold).

Clinic Invite

Allows you to go for a detox session at the Betty Fnord Clinic

  • Used up in so doing. 50AP, 2000GP


Buy from General Stores for 500 gp. When equipped, displays a picture of a compass, with needle pointing to the true north. Might be needed for the North Pole quest and is also a component of the Hat Hunter spell.

Contract Palantir

Can be used repeatedly. Send messages to other players for 2AP. There is also a charge of 10GP per message, which is added to your account with the palantir operator. You pay your bill at the palantir shops in any of the cities. When your palantir account is more than 250GP, you are barred from buying from any shops.

Often used to communicate new game features by The Management.

Note: They have to have their own palantir to read your message.

  • oddly, can be dunked in salad dressing for 2ap to create a gooey palantir Z0ltar 23:34, 11 May 2006 (BST)

Also used to build and maintain Guild Comms Rooms.


  • Offers a 'Drink (5AP) button & 'Eat (5AP)' button while holding.

Conveyor Belt

Made from 20 Pieces of Rubber. Required to make Guild Factory Kit.

Crystal Ball

Used to make an Inseine Net.

Devilishly Clever Trap

Required for part of the Becoming an Armourer quest, and built from a number of components expected in a Rube Goldberg style contraption to catch a Road Runner.

May only be constructed by an Armourer, but once constructed, can be freely traded and used by anyone. PotatoEngineer 02:19, 18 May 2007 (BST)


Found on Jasons, along with 200 Whippits. Required in order to use Whippits to fill/whip anything.

Distraction Grating

Sorts under Resource, nothing listed when selected. Found on a Velociraptor in the Lost World.

Empty Balloon

Sorts under Resource.

Empty Pinhole Camera

Made from a Bit of Molten Glass, 6 Pieces of Cardboard and a Tar for 50 AP. Requires a Pin. Used in the Paparazzi Quest, once it's been loaded with film (bought at Harvey Farm).

Filled Balloon

Made from a whippit and an empty balloon, leaving you with a spent whippit. Sorts under junk. Might require a dispenser as the catalyst. You can inhale the filled balloon's contents, which allows for hallucination. Wears off very fast (only lasted for 1 AP for me)!

Fire Cracker

Use for 3 AP. Scares away (low level?) monsters. Buy for 50 Gold from General stores (10 for 400 Gold). Rule: Roll a dice and monsters nearby with less HP than the result get scared off. Also see Huge Fire Cracker

Flake Shaker

Available from Mendozas in the Mysterious City of Gold and Lead.

Creates a Shaky Flake at a cost of 1AP, 5 Shaky Flakes for 4AP, or 15 Shaky Flakes for 10AP.

Is there a limit to the number of Flakes it can produce?

Flash Gun

Reward for the Paparazzi quest. Use for 3 AP. Turns monster into confused monster in the 4 cardinal directions. Nearby players can be briefly blinded by repeated use. Effects of confusion unknown. Confusion only lasts for one attack.

This is (probably) exactly the same effect as a Silver Puzzle Box, except it's omnidirectional and lasts a shorter time.

Eventually breaks, becoming a Flash Gun (flat).

Flash Gun (flat)

A broken Flash Gun. Recharge by going back to the Harvey Gallery, where Harvey will recharge it for 500GP and 10AP.

Fountain Pen

1 damage. Can also be used with sheets of paper to leave notes in the suggestion boxes located in each city. 30% to hit. Buy for 200 Gold from General stores.

These are 30% to hit, and only do two damage. The pen is not mightier than the sword.
1 damage, -10?% accuracy.

Ghost Hunter Gear

- received when you join the Ghost Hunters Guild. Allows you to see and attack (capture) invisible monsters. You gain no Exp but you do get loot. Hit rate seems high.


Available over the 2006 Christmas period and can be bought from a General Store for 500GP. Open for 5AP to change it into an Unwrapped Gift to which you can add items from your inventory. Then rename it for 1AP and wrap and send it to the player of your choice for 5AP.

The lucky recipient can then unwrap the box in a frenxy of paper and ribbons for 5AP to reveal whatever precious goodies have been placed inside.

I unwrapped mine- but cannot add anything to it- how do you make it work? Kressida -02:44, 7 January 2007 (GMT)
They only work around Christmas, apparently. - Isambard 03:49, 7 January 2007 (GMT)
Will these function during this holiday season? Snare 17:21, 26 December 2007 (GMT)
Will these function during this holiday season? --AmishRobots 08:26, 16 August 2017 (BST)

Gold Piece

Flip to get Heads or Tails. For a short while it was called a Golden Elsewarian.

Gold Rune

After reading the Norse/English Dictionary, made with a Unit of Enchanted Charcoal and 5 Bits of Gold.

Goody Basket

A whole load of good stuff. Items one might get include; golden guns, aligned weapons, gold, arrows, common weapons, cans red bull, mugs of coffee, and all sorts of more minor items. Has not been seen in quite a while.

Gooey Palantir

Cost of 1AP to send a message rather than 2. May garble messages, or eat the message completely.

Note: it takes TWO Vials of Salad Dressing, not just one. Zhaman 19:46, 12 February 2008 (GMT)


Shows East/North location. Buy for 20000 Gold from Wizards. Sells for 500 Gold to Wizards. Doesn't receive a signal everywhere. Becomes mostly obsolete after completing the Time and Space Quest -- Splotch


An xmas gift given out December 2010

Horn of Heimdall

Made from a Cornucopia, 5 Silver Runes, 3 Gold Runes, 5 Bronze Nails and 40 AP. You lose your Cornucopia after making the horn. You can blow the horn for 10AP. Part of the Asgard Quest.

Huge Fire Cracker

Buy for 400 Gold from General stores. As for Fire Cracker but 10X result of dice roll.

Fun to set off in the Memorial Library.
Affects more than just adjacent monsters. Currently it is not known how far the effect carries, or whether the effect diminishes with distance or remains constant up to its full radius.
Rolls a d~100, power diminishes by a factor of 10 per unit distance. A good roll could affect the 8 adjacent squares clearing 24 roads.

Iron Hubbard

The Iron (or, I.Ron) Hubbard seems to be a play on the name of the author of Battlefield Earth, L.Ron Hubbard. :)

Looks like you can make this for 10AP(Water) using 5000 Bits of Iron. Using it costs 1AP and gives you a Copy of Battlefield Earth. You can reconvert it into 5000 Bits of Iron for 10AP(Water). Is that it? What a waste. MrBlarney 20:34, 19 August 2006 (BST)

It's important to one quest already. Doc Mackie 20:14, 17 April 2007 (BST)

Iron Ring

Made from one bit of iron for 1AP. Create a Piece of Mail from 100 Iron Rings for 20AP (water alignment).

Jar of Gas

Holding an Empty Jar in a Swamp, you can collect a Jar of Gas for 5AP.

You can also attack a Cow with an Empty Jar to collect a Jar of Gas. --Lorddalamus 19:39, 10 May 2006 (BST)


Make jelly from jellyfish or hooves. Render to produce Glue.

Jubilee Clip

Sorts under Resource, nothing listed when selected. Found on a Displaciraptor in the Lost World.


Junk. Useful for getting to the Neutral Zone. Your kipple stock grows when you 'consider' it at a factor of 20:1; kipple is thus intrinsically worthless.

Lump of Beeswax

1 AP to use. Inexplicably, goes "ding ding".


Sorts under Resource. Found on a Raptor in the Lost World.

Read it for 12 AP (6 AP with Reading Glasses) to receive an amusing message.

Magic Ball

Consult for 1AP. Gives 'guidance and support' during the decision making process. Also useful for finding out where you last died. Buy for 5000gp at a Wizard's Shop or Wizard's Tower.

It took me a dozen consultations of the ball before it coughed up the location of my last death. YMM, of course, V. --Hotchpotch 07:04, 26 March 2006 (BST)


When equipped, you can look into the mirror, and you keep looking into it until you stop.

  • Whilst you're looking into the mirror, north/south and east/west are reversed.
  • Your to-hit percentage is significantly reduced!
  • Can be useful if you've been turned around by being hit by certain monsters.
I don't see my to-hit dropping after I've looked into it. Is this a mistake?

My to-hit is as well, the same. - Cameron


Dropped by Mud Men. Component for the Enchant Mud spell.

Mysterious Envelope

Can be opened for 10AP, and gives a Treasure Map (a unique item).


2 damage, ?? to hit. Made from 2 Bits of Iron. Fire skill, Costs 3AP (15 AP Earth). Use to stitch Fur Coat from Tribble Pelts.

New Cabinet

Made from 50 Iron Nails, 10 Bits of Molten Glass and 50 Pieces of Wood. A knight can open it to make a Trophy Cabinet


Sorts under "Resources". No obvious use.

Maybe there's a "thing" somewhere, and holding both Nothing and a Thing would prove that you're an enlightened philosopher.... PotatoEngineer 03:22, 18 January 2007 (GMT)
ARGH. PotatoEngineer... Don't make me create an area of cities where you have to identify which sense you are not unable to use ... "You smell nothing, hear nothing, feel nothing, see nothing".. ah must be "taste" then! Elseware 16:25, 11 July 2008 (BST)
As long as we don't have to get a Babel Fish. That puzzle was such a PITA... -- Thog 16:43, 11 July 2008 (BST)
I don't know about Things, but maybe you can make Stuff out of Nothing--Solune 11:54, 18 January 2007 (GMT)
what about making something out of nothing? YFM
Have you tried using it with a cup of tea? The ability of holding tea and no tea at the same time was good for something I can't remember in another game. Flt 15:41, 26 February 2007 (GMT)
I think that's what PE was referring to above. That's from the old Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy computer game, BTW... -- Thog 16:17, 26 February 2007 (GMT)
Took me some time to dig it up on the web :) [[1]] Flt 17:56, 26 February 2007 (GMT)

These are for sale by Santa at the Northern Market, so I assume this was some kind of Christmas-gift joke. PotatoEngineer 12:43, 7 September 2007 (BST)

Quietly sings "Oh, I'm getting nothing for Christmas cause I ain't been nothing but bad!" --BlaisedeC 20:47, 24 April 2012 (BST)


Equip it to make Fairies visible. Then attack them with it to obtain a Gram of Fairy Dust or a Pint of Fairy Liquid.

Old Boot

Found while fishing or sometimes in the Kansas store room. Used in casting the Invisibility and Super Invisibility spells.

May be needed for hunting the roadrunner. Naius 14:38, 6 December 2006 (GMT)


Like a Contract Palantir but can only be used once. Send messages to other players for 2AP.

Pandora's Socks

Recieved from Pandora on the Cursed Island for 10AP. You can select and choose to wear them for 1AP. (I'm low on AP so I won't be doing this for a while!)

It works like it says on the box: She warns you that every time you wear them something evil will happen and that you have to fight the evil or it will remain in the socks. Maybe if you can draw out enough evil you could remove the curse.

When you wear the socks, you have to fight the evil.

Party Pack

Holds four Team Rings, among other goodies

Petri Dish

Make a Petri Dish from 2 Bits of Molten Glass. Used in make an Agar Dish.

Piece of Cardboard

Can be made from 10 Sheets of Paper for 3 AP Water.

Piece of Chalk

Will be given to you by the Stone Cold Gang in Earth City if you become a member. Can be acquired from killing monsters and searching ruins.

Can be used to write tags on road areas for 10 AP. You get tagging points the longer your tag remains, and you can rub out other peoples' tags for 1 AP.

Also see: Red Chalk and Big Piece of Chalk

Piece of Mail

Made from 100 Iron Rings for 20 AP (water).

Basic component for Iron Armour.

Pigeon (In a cage)

Can send an actual SMS message to Elseware for 100 AP. The pigeon is lost, along with a Sheet of Paper (to write the message on) and a Short String (to tie the message to the pigeon's leg).


Can be made from a Bit of Iron for 1 AP (Fire). Can be 'bent' to create a ... 'bent pin' for 1AP (Earth). Can be used as a weapon. Can be used to draw a pint of blood from yourself for 10 AP (Fire).

Pinhole Camera

Used to take pictures. Made from cardboard, glass and tar...

Needed for the Paparazzi Quest.

Pint of Water

Pints of water can be obtained by "Getting Water" for 1AP on a Lake or similar water square. Also made by allowing items to melt from your inventory: snowball <=> 1 pint; giant snowball <=> 5 pints; 10 ice cubes <=> 1 pint. In cold weather water freezes back into ice cubes.

Can drink for 1 AP. (no apparent bonus)

You lose a Pint of Water.
Depresssingly Refreshing.

Pipe Cleaner

Sorts under Resource, nothing listed when selected. Found on a Displaciraptor in the Lost World.

Pocket Watch

Tells you the time. Attack a Crocodile with a watch to turn it into a Clockodile. Stuff it into an orange to make a Clockwork Orange.


When used, gives you the ability (20AP) to make a Possible Sword from 10 Sharp Swords.

Can be sold at Wizards Towers for 100,000 GP.

Primary Key

Was handed out once by the 'King. Gives 50AP bonus if used.

Can be found in the storeroom in Kansas.

You use a Primary Key. Suddenly everything seems faster.
You lose a Primary Key.
Now using Fists.

Red Chalk

It's like Chalk. Only it's red.


Use 10 Relics to create a Guild Temple.

Roll of Film

For a Pinhole Camera, and the Paparazzi Quest. You get 12 exposures per roll.

Rubber Duck

Make a Rubber Duck from a Piece of Rubber. 5AP: water.

Gives option to Deploy, but you can only deploy in water, and they show up on your square, not the paths - not sure how to get them back, but they look cute. You can Deploy multiple Duckies.

Ruby Slipper

Click your heels 3 times (1AP per click, 3AP total) to be transported to Kansas. Use the Bed to return. Going to Kansas consumes 2 Ruby Slippers.

Sack (for snarks)

Allows you to capture a snark once for the Snark Hunt Quest, yielding a Snark in a Sack. Received in Water City at the Temple of Water

Dropped primarily from Earth monsters.


A Screen is used to turn a blank T-Shirt into a shirt bearing the message on the screen.

Party organizers receive a Screen with the name of the party.

Screen Printing Kit

This is a kit that can be used to design t-shirts. Using the Screen Printing Kit disposes of the kit, but gives you a Screen with that message. You can then use that Screen to print t-shirts for 5 AP each. Blank t-shirts ready for printing can be obtained at Iron Weasel Fashions for 5000 gold each. Awarded at least once for hosting a free party, and also observed to drop from a Sea Lion. Ravensdance 21:08, 31 October 2006 (GMT)

I think the above price is wrong...I remember them costing either 1000 or 2000 at Iron Weasel Fashion Spacer one 16:05, 30 March 2007 (BST)
It was 5000 GP originally. The price was dropped to 1000 GP at some point. Random4518 16:44, 30 March 2007 (BST)


Take sighting for 1 AP. Shows "latitude" in co-ordinates North of the southern edge like a Marker.

Shaky Flake

Created from a Flake Shaker at a cost of 1AP for 1 Shaky Flake, 4AP for 5 Shaky Flakes or 10AP for 15 Shaky Flakes. Taste nasty. You're better off feeding them to a Goldfish really.

Sheet of Paper

Buy (3 for 250 Gold) from General stores. Use to leave suggestions in Suggestion Boxes, or to defeat Rock Trolls in Rock/Paper/Scissors.

Silver Ankh Goth Fashion 15

Make 10 Kudos and a Silver Ankh from 500 Bits of Silver. Requires 150 Kudos. Can only be made by Armourers. Gives 15 points of Goth Fashion. Required for the construction of a Virtuous Vessel.

Silver Needle

2 damage. Made from 2 Bits of Silver for 3 AP of fire. No fashion bonus.

Silver Rune Goth Fashion 1

After reading the Norse/English dictionary, make from a 5 Bits of Silver and a Unit of Enchanted Charcoal.

Single to the 'Kingdom

Similarly, use this at the airport in Oz to fly back to the 'Kingdom airport.

Single to Oz

"This is a ticket for a one way 'Kingdom Air flight."

Is there going to be a Return to Oz? - Isambard 19:10, 20 August 2006 (BST)
Already out there somewhere. You know you've been playing this game to long when you can see my jokes coming. Elseware 21:38, 20 August 2006 (BST)

Is there a location that these work at? Spacer one 15:22, 23 November 2006 (GMT)

They work at the 'Kingdom Airport which is just east of fire city. MrFoo 15:34, 23 November 2006 (GMT)

Where can these be bought/what drops them? - Geayzus 19:59, 10 December 2006 (GMT)

They seem to be dropped rarely by larger monsters. The 'King sells them at his stall ("Everything is Permitted" northeast of Windy City), although they're probably cheaper on the markets. --Dragon 22:36, 10 December 2006 (GMT)
Typical price 10000 GP (15000 return) - 15:55, 4 February 2007 (GMT)
Just got one off a Rock Troll :D --Gabor Kiss 09:44, 14 March 2007 (GMT)

...and the flight takes 24 hours. -- Cthu1hu 12:16, 6 January 2007 (GMT)

Which is to say, it costs 24 hours worth of AP. Gold Bling appears to reduce the cost. -- Cthu1hu 13 May 2007
Actually, the flight now takes 24 hrs. All liquids, explosives and weapons are taken off you and put in the hold. AP increases as per normal.Jennyann 09:09, 15 August 2007 (BST)
Interestingly enough, they didn't take my Broken Phaser or Power Crystals... I can still hijack the flight! Bwa haha!!! -- Cthu1hu 13:39, 17 August 2007 (BST)

Small Blue Flag

Used in making a Length of Bunting.

Small Pink Flag

Used in making a Length of Bunting.

Small Yellow Flag

Used in making a Length of Bunting.

Solid Gold Fiddle

Made from 50000 Bits of Gold and 5 Gold Runes.

There's no way you could play this—you'd just break it.

Useful when the Devil comes down to Cities.

Sorting Office Pass

Available for 20,000 Gold from a General Store and also available from monster drops. Allows you access to the Sorting Office facilities near Earth City (92E 5N).

Space Rocket

Takes 100 units of Black Powders to launch the Space Rocket to "The Final Frontier" (100AP). The rocket is used up taking you into space.

Can you create one or do you have to find one as a drop? Lidon 08:33, 25 April 2007 (BST)
They only show up as drops. PotatoEngineer 10:02, 25 April 2007 (BST)
Thanks for the info! Then I'll guess I'll go hunt for one, then... Lidon 14:07, 25 April 2007 (BST)

Spent Whippit

Created whenever you use a Dispenser to fill something up with Whippits. No known use.

Spotter's Guide

Item acquired when doing the Creature Survey.

If lost, another visit to the Temple of Air can give you a new list, but with all the same creatures ticked off.


Sorts under Resources. Made from 1 it of iron. Armourer-made. Used in making a Spring Bling


Made from a Bit of Molten Glass and a Silver Needle.


Drops from Khadis. Used in the Totems quest.

... caddies ... tees ... golf clubs ... someone needs to find some golf balls and we can spoil a perfectly good walk somewhere. 04:03, 25 August 2006 (BST)

Thor's Doorstop

Reward for the Thor in a Cottage quest. Increases your temperature by one notch. Can be upgraded to a Hammer of Thor.

Toy Unicorn

Gotten from Unicornicopua for 1 AP. Needed for the Totem quest in Oz.

Treasure Chest

Dug up for 20AP when using a Treasure Map. Opens for 1AP.


Made by Armorers. Can be used to knock down a Hill Fort for 20AP.

Tube Ticket

Allows entry into the Tubes.


When used for 1 AP yeilds one Toy Unicorn.

omg, that's...awesome. What did you get that from? JohnnyRogers 07:38, 2 August 2006 (BST)
I think it was dropped by a large sea monster. I just got another from a shark. Don't know what to use the toy unicorns for yet... -palindrome 21:47, 5 August 2006 (BST)

Unit of Charcoal

The best place to make this is to stand in a forest and alternatively collect Piece of Wood and burn it with the fire craft skill. -- Splotch

Also dropped by Phoenices. The higher the generation, the more charcoal.

Can be used to create a Bit of Molten Glass; See Unit of Sand.

Also necessary for smelting Metal Ore. 4 charcoal + 1 metal ore = 100 bits of metal.

Unit of Enchanted Charcoal

Created by burning a Piece of Ancient Wood. Requires fire craft skills.

Can be used to create a Glass Sword.

Unit of Glue

Make an Unit of Glue from 10 Pieces of Wood and 4 Jellies. Requires a Cauldron. 50AP: earth. Used in making a Zodiac.

Warrior's Totem

Required in order to enter the Catacombs. Constructed from 2 Rabbit's Feet, 12 Bones, 100 Snake Skins, 10 Pieces of Wood, and 2 Rattles.

Water Skin

Received as the reward for Water Skin quest. Can be filled in a water square (excluding the Temple of Water) to 100% for 5AP. Provides protection against the effects of the Great Desert. You will not lose HP from movement until the Water Skin reaches 0%.


Used to make whipped cream. Drops from monsters.

Wormhole Kit

Obtained through monster drops or can be bought in Space

Can be opened for 30AP to get a Wormhole Entrance and a Wormhole Exit.

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