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Betty Fnord Clinic

Located at 25E 38S DSSGCM. With a Clinic Invite, you can check in for an intensive detox for 50AP and 2000 Gold. Invitations can be dropped by monsters, but they're very rare.

Detox removes the following:

  • Caffeine tolerance.
  • Spice Tolerance
  • Poisoning (though it's much cheaper to head to Jude's in Brighthelm)
  • The effects of Pandora's Socks

It does not remove the following:

  • Dragon Blood tolerance
  • Slowness caused by Dragon's Blood
  • Triffid sting count (if you've been eating them)

A stay at the Clinic also adds your max HP to your current HP (so if you're already at full health, your HP doubles).

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