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Wooded areas go by a few names: 'Trees' above 112N, 'Woods' on the Islands and in a thin line at 111N, 'Forest' everywhere else.

Base movement cost is 4AP (in Oz, the cost is 10AP).

You can obtain 3 Pieces of Wood for 3 AP, or 30 Pieces of Wood for 30 AP. When gathering lots of Wood you also find Acorns.

You can gain larger quantities of wood using an axe

Forage for Ginseng Root, Handful of Hops, Piece of Chinchona Bark and Juniper Berry for 24AP (12AP with a Golden Sickle).


If you're studying Quest:Toxicology, "Woods" can yield Yew Berries and Poison Ivy Stems in addition to their usual flora. Woods are found along the 111N band next to the Fire Swamp and Great Plain, and on the islands.



Cutting a Woods square turns it into Forest, with decreasing wood yields on subsequent choppings. If you cut a Forest too much, it will turn into a Logged Forest, then into Stumps.

The trees will regrow given enough time.

Altering wooded terrain squares causes them to be considered no longer part of their region. For instance, cutting trees in Woods on an island, and then moving off the resulting Forest square, gives you the "Welcome to ___ Island" message.

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