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Player I would like to host the next free party Time & Date Location
TerrorRemedy Woodstock, finished was on the 23/9/06 ish Near the 'King's castle
HBookbinder Waynestock, finished was on the 1/10/06 ish Same place as Woodstock (near the 'King's castle)
zingus OzFest, finished was on the 3rd to 10th of 10/06 North of Atlantish
Sertularian Burning Man, finished was on the 10th to 16th of 10/06 The Great Desert, due south of Earth City (95E 9S)
Ravensdance The International Music Festival from 24/10/06 at 84E 220S, near Crimson City in Oz.
Sertularian Monsters' Ball From the 31st of October Graveyard South of Fire City
MasterPete Rockin Rock Party Nov 6th to the 12th 92E 1N
andrewsi Disco Inferno Nov 13th to the 20th 10E 93N
HBookbinder A Long Expected Party Nov 20 to the 26th 92E 5N, Earth City
Sertularian Sert's Birthday Party (!) December 3rd to 10th 94E, 91N - Just south of the Water City temple
Solune Solstice Sabat December 10th to 17th 77E 220S : a cave near Crimson City
Palindrome Palindromic Christmas Party December 17th to 24th Near Windy City (3E 7N)
Sertularian Mare Egrets Moose and Hippo Gnu Deer December 24th to 31st Near Windy City (3E 7N)
JonDestroy All Monsters!!! Jan 1 to Jan 7Right outside Tokyo 4 at 22E 56N.
RavensdanceThe Earth City Flower Show Jan 8 to Jan 15Earth City (96E 4N)
JonBrighthelm (near the) Beach PartyJan 15 to 2265E 47S. Apparently you can't have a party on the beach =[.
Thog Dig My Grave Party Jan 22 to 29 67E 30N
StienFire Monkey ExtravaganzaJan 29 to Feb 5th 2E 92N (North of Fire City Graveyard)
JADJAD's Festival of BoozeFebruary 5 to 12.80E 52S (On Ignatz' Retreat).
GretchinValentine's Day Love FestFeb 12 to Feb 19.The Festival. Come share the love!
hendschRoll and Rock PartyFeb 19 to Feb 2696E 4N
JonWindy City Blues FestFeb 26 - March 5East of Windy City at 10E 4N in the heart of the Champs-Elysees.
dragon Wyrmstock March 5 - March 12 84E 216S (Crimson City)
Syagrius First Annual KOT Dinner March 12 - March 19 Adjacent to the KOT Keep!
Sertularian Rites of the Equal n0rx March 19 - March 26 Bentnob, near the Satanic Gardens
DevaDeva's 24th Birthday BingeMarch 26th to April 2ndJust follow the Yellow Brick Road
JAD April Fool's ExtravaganzaApril 1 to April 83E 1N (Near Windy City)
Bubba Terrestrial Microwave Transmission Media April 9 to April 16 Monster Island (technically a peninsula)
HBookbinder So it goes. April 16 to April 23 The graveyard south of fire city 2E 91N
darksatanic HIPY PAPY BTHUTHDTH THUTHDA BTHUTHDY April 23rd to April 30th Location: 42E 59S.
StienFire Monkey BeatdownApril 30th to May 7th 2E 92N
Rockefellow Hammered Anvil Fest May 7th to May 14th Darth Mall 10E 2N DSSGCM
Didbert May Fair May 14th to May 21th Earth City Approx 96E 4N DSSGCM
bobtheslayer can we all just not get along didn't start oz hopefully
JonJon's Birthday Party (clothing optional)May 22-May 29 Atlantish, Oz 18E 215S DSSGCM
JonHair of the DogbotMay 29-June 4 Exactly where the last one was - Atlantish, Oz 18E 215S DSSGCM
7of9Stella's Fartography Geek Week 3 June - 9 June Space(not allowed) The Kingdom interior at square 29E 32N, near Standing Stone XVI
shamblerThe Party of The Contrabulous Fabtraption of Professor Horatio Hufnagel 10 June - 17 June Fountain Square, Water City 95E 97N DSSGCM
SertSert's Private Party June 17th to June 24th An undisclosed location. Visit the four cities for clues.
Kaos DragonRave of Doom June 24th to July 1st The Interior 70E 30N DSSGCM
The Late Great BtSDead Mans Party A.K.A. 4th of July Soiree July 1st to July 8th Next to Dr. Karma
RavensdanceThe Travelling CircusJuly 8-14 Immemorial Park in Earth City.
Kressida Kressida's Birthday Love In 15-21 July Near Temple of Love- Fire City
Jon Backyard BBQ July 22 - July 29 Crimson City in Oz (79E 215 S begun 22:39ish game time)
Syagrius 'Tzia and Sy's First Wedding Anniversary Party July 30-Aug 6 9E 5N - Next to the Park Bench
Spacer One "The Party With No Name" Aug 7- Aug 13 89E 2N
Jennyann Hacienda In Memoriam Aug 15 - Aug 21th Water City (it's as close as I can get to the wetness of Manchester)
That guy again Sert's Vacation in Oz 9:00 PM Cities Time Aug 25th Atlantish
Vashka Antdos and Vashka's First Wedding Anniversary 00:01 September 2nd 94E 90N, near Water City and the Chapel
JADHappy Birthday, JAD!September 9 to September 16Birthday Island
Rembrandtthe "GET A JOB!" partySeptember 17 to September 2494E 90N, near Water City
[[Phw|Phw]]The Valentines Day Pool PartyFebruary 10 to February 17 96E 91N, near the Water city
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