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Great Desert

Found south of the elemental cities (-7N and beyond). Traveling here will cause 0-20 damage per square due to harsh terrain. Monsters have a habit of appearing and disappearing with great frequency.

If you have done the Gauntlet, you can see which squares in the desert are dangerous. The base number of AP taken to move in the desert is proportional to the damage you take.

  • safe = 0 HP
  • blank = 2 HP
  • danger = 5, 10 or 20 HP

- Curugwath ยท 20:15, 22 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Having a water skin will also help - instead of taking the damage, you "are forced to drink" from it.

(From Bugs): There are 3 kinds of danger squares. Those that do 5 damage and cost 5 base AP, those that do 10/10 and those rare ones that do 20/20. A water bottle reduces the damage, boots reduce the AP cost, but there is no way to completely reduce a cost of 20AP.
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