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Movement cost: 10 (4AP with Magic Boots and the Creature List quest). (3AP with Magic Boots a Walking Stick and the Creature List quest).

Get 3 Pieces of Wood for 10 AP.

There's a chance of finding fruit when searching for wood: I searched 76 times, found 24 fruits (9 Lemons, 7 Limes, 8 Oranges).
I just searched 10 times for wood in a jungle expecting this to give me a better fruit return rate (above suggests 1/3rd instead of 1/10th), but got no fruit at all, so I'm not convinced you regularly get fruit on a Get 3. RockHawk 22:51, 11 October 2007 (BST)

Get 30 Pieces of Wood for 100 AP. There is a good chance for getting 2 fruits.

Forage for Vanilla Pod, Cocoa Pod, Nutmeg and Mandrake Root for 48AP (24AP with a Golden Sickle).

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