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Not to be confused with Terraforming#Pentacle.

Created for 100 AP by a Wizard using a Pentacle: "Banish and Stuff"

Hail to the thingys of the watchtowers of the north, and so forth...

Lasts for a week, and gives triple Mana regeneration and three spells at midnight to anyone standing on it (for non-wizards, this is still zero).

I think that might have been changed. I'm getting 1 extra spell every 8 hours (so 2 at midnight). Flt 12:24, 18 September 2007 (BST)

After one week you get:

Your circle deconsecrates!


Pentacle hosting

player number of acles ready to start a sabbat (when)
AndyLandy 5 1st April; Location: Imemorial Park, Earth City.
Alanda 28 Ready (when there's no party)
Stoo 2 pentacles -
Cor 4 -
S. Mackie Penty Ready (when there's no party)
The Sculpture Show Penty Will begin 9th August during the Royal Festival
Ade 13 september 2008

The current party and Pentacle (if any) are:

Current Party


Current Pentacle

No Current Pentacle

Current Picnic

No current picnic

Current Bowling_Alley


The party template shown above appears on the main page and can be edited here.

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