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The schism is definitely moving, i repeat, the schism is moving!!! save yourselves before it is too late!

Not really moving, but rather shrinking, and it's done so again.

Sorry, but its been a while since i've played, and my wiki-editing , and general cities-zen knowledge are a bit rusty:

Not sure what to make of this; I am studying it right now.

I have at least one brave explorer investigating the phenomenon from within the schism itself: Jos A Wapner is currently located on the site of The New Vaudeville Guild (entrance), with an apparent option to enter that guild. No other movement options present themselves, though i assume any tali would work. Wapner may summon others to help study this thing. --AmishRobots 05:00, 19 March 2012 (UTC)


The Northeast Schism

80e 100n diagonal to 100e 80n seems to stop at the Rurals. Gaps where there are plowed fields at 81e99n & 82e98n & 99e 81n

It's shrunk down to 80E 90N to 90E 80N

A Crack in the Earth

100e 5n to 82e5n (the Southern Market has apparently fallen into the Abyss!) Southern Market Office still there.

It is apparently shrinking... it is now 97E 5N to 85E 5N. BlaisedeC 23:07, 24 March 2012 (UTC)
It's now down to 89E 5N to 95E 5N

The Chicago Canyon

diagonal from 3e4n to 8e8n with another bit sticking out at 6e5n

It's down to the single bit at 6E 5N

The Fiery Pit

diagonal from 3e92n to 11e94n

It's down to 6E 92N to 8E 94N

The Royal Rift

10e15n to 15e15n

It's vanished completely. Leaving nothing strange behind.


lantern does nothing to dispel the Schismatic Darkness. Perhaps I should try magic missile?

Conversation in the Schism:

You shout 'WHY YES, YES IT IS!'
Shout what?
Dr Master Armourer Harry Ph.D. shouts 'DARK IN HERE, ISN'T IT?'

there appear to be gaps in the schism where there are plowed fields. I assume other user created terrain would be similar. Guild Entrances not so much. Or this may just be mere coincidence?

I've not seen any sure indication of the schism on GCM , though i did notice a few terrain squares here: http://www.glendale.org.uk/cities/map?x=4&y=39&size=small that appeared whitish in colour for some reason.

I just saw Vashka's truck enter the one at windy city, dissappeared into the void, then reappeared on the other side, apparently unharmed. Who knows what horrors he may have brought back with him in that truck though? I would assume the spirit of aggregation acts similarly.

The Spirit of Aggregation replaces the Schism location and lets you move in and out of that square while it's there. Or at least it did when I saw it happen the other day. Ravensdance 22:16, 19 March 2012 (UTC)

cannot broom players into the schism.

cannot hop spell into the schism.

can someone try flying?

I put on a pair of winged boots and was stopped cold by the Schism at 25E 96N. I was able to create an Illusion in the Schism FWIW - Scary Mike 09:00, 22 March 2012 (EST)


What are they? Will some sort of Demons come pouring out of them soon?

Permanent? I doubt it. My first guess is that this condition will eventually fade, like the Great Flood that was going on when I first started this game. Then again...


AmishRobots are now offering schism tours for you and your family, price: only 100gp plus 3 summon stones (shipping and handling)!

Effect on Quests

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