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Market stalls are operated by business minded individual adventurers to 1) peddle their own goods and 2) buy from fellow adventurers. To open your own stall, you'll need to have a Stall Permit and found an Empty Lot. You can name your stall whatever you like when you first set it up. There are Empty Lots around the School of Hard Knocks, in each of the Four Cities (although such prime real estate likely doesn't remain empty for long), and scattered in the inner wilderness.

There seems to be a sales tax of 5.7-ish % on items sold

You can close shop for 1AP. Do not click on that button (located at the bottom of the panel on the right side) unless you really mean to close your stall! You don't get a permit back! Closing the stall gets you your permit back now. It will also return all items stocked in the stall to you.

As of Saturday 27th Jan 2007 this appears to be untrue.
Which bit??

There's checkbox next to the close button that you also have to check to shut up shop. --smudgepuss 01:07, 7 March 2007 (GMT)

You can pay your stall monkey 1000GP (1AP) to get a Memo of transactions in your stall.

The Great Lords have indicated that your shop will be closed after two weeks of inactivity. This means if there are no buy or sell activity or you don't go back to manage it for two weeks. The policy is to get rid of unpopular stalls.

Important Change

Stalls now have a maximum number of item types. Existing stalls have a maximum of 6 (5+Gold), but this will not be enforced unless items are removed.

The rationalle for this is twofold. Smaller shop permits now drop from smaller monsters so everyone can join in. Second, most shops seem to contain too much junk. It's too much hassle to look through everybodies crap for the cherries. Third(!) it creates market segmentation.

List of current stalls

Has moved to the The Honourable Association of Honest Merchants


  • It's easy to accidentally close your stall/shop. Don't hit that button when you mean just to return to the normal game view!
  • Worse, there is a bug which prevents you from reopening your stall if you close it. Oh, and you also just lost all your items. I have a theory that your stall is still somewhere, just not connected to the space where it was.
Neither of these warnings appear to be true at this time AmishRobots 01:25, 23 January 2018 (UTC)
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