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If you're looking to visit new bars, go out for some alcoholic drinks, have a fabulous night out or just to socialize with some fellow adventurers, read on! We aim for every pub or bar in Cities to have a place on our site. Every drinking establishment in our database has a link to a map showing where it is for those hard to find pubs. (Apologies to southampton-pubs.co.uk.)

Opens at noon, happy hour (cheaper drinks) from noon-9pm
  • The Dungeon Club (Fire City)
  • Gobblets Bar (Water City)
  • The Crown (Earth City)
  • The Happy Camper Club (Earth City)
  • The Downlow (at the Festival)
  • The Royal Wine Bar (at the Royal Palace)
  • Kolebka (between Water and Fire City 66E 96N)
  • The Spyglass Inn (Bentnob)
  • The Bentnob Brewery (Bentnob)
  • Joe's (Bentnob) 42E 55S Joe's: This place looks very classy from the outside, but it turns out to be full of drunk adventurers. There is a female paladin here, with a magical sword in one hand and in the other holds a large enamled shield, on which is written in irregular letters, the cryptic phrase 'I hate Jazz'.
  • The Unknown Star (Brighthelm)
  • The Engine Room (Brighthelm)
  • The Limbo Bar (Limbo)
  • Spelunkers Nose (Tokyo 4)
  • While technically a tavern, we can't recommend the Temple of Love (just outside of Fire City). Nobody goes there anymore.

(Trivia: the first four of these are all real pubs in Southampton.)

Players who have completed the Mixology quest can work behind the bar of any pub for 30AP.

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