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Thieves Forest

Located west of the 'Kingdom. Base movement cost is 7AP.

Dotted with Ponds and Clearings. Find Treemen, Ninjas and Thieves here.

Things to do and places to see

  • Buy back things that thieves (not thievish other players) stole from you at the Forest Shop 9W 67N DSSGCM.
  • Learn how to steal at the Thieves Den 12W 67N DSSGCM
    • Implement your new found talents of thievery on unsuspecting players.
  • Study the first two levels of martial arts at the Dojo 22W 30N DSSGCM
  • Forage for Aconite Flowers, Belladonna Berries and Foxgloves for 24AP (12AP with a Golden Sickle). Foraging causes one level of poisoning until Herman the Hermit helps you handle them carefully.
  • Kill everything that moves or doesn't! The LLL will tell you why.
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