The Cult of Nidhoggr

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The Cult of Nidhoggr
Guild Master Shaman Ade
Location 36E 24N DSSGCM
Worshippers 7
Goal Worship of the Malice Striker
Contact Here


She saw a hall standing

So remote from the sun, in Nastrond

Its doors turned northward

There fell drops of venom

The hall woven of serpents' spines

She saw there wading

Through slugish streams

Blood thirsty men

And the one who seduces

There Nidhoggr sucked the corpses of the dead

And the wolf tore men

Do you still seek to know? And what?

From below there came a shadow

A dragon flying, glittering serpent

Up from the Dark of the Moon hills

On his wings the bodies of men

Over the fields

The serpent was bright

But sank

Your journey

You've been this way before once or twice. The terrian is a little challenging, but very fair compared to other places you've trekked in the pursuit of your goals. But it's been so long and the undergrowth seems to have grown a bit thicker than you last remember it. Your destination is some distance away, perhaps on the other side of the Kingdom interior and as always you've never been a very patient person. So you search for the standing stone you discovered here years prior.

In your hope for fast transport you become a bit disorientated. Wandering about you discover a cleverly placed stall built in the mouth of a cavern. It is unmanned. Perhaps searching for directions (or maybe your curiousity just got the better of you), you quietly slip into the cavern behind the stall. Following brightly burning, smokey torches you come upon a concealed guild hall. Its halls are made of woven serpent spines and its ceiling a mesh of enormous, dripping roots.

You make a sketch of the interior as you wander.

The Temple

It isn't long before you come upon a temple. It is full of wood workings, relics and candle wax. Within the center of it all is an elaborate statue of a serpentine dragon, its hideous claws clutching a granite boulder. Upon closer inspection the boulder has a flat surface, wherein seven names are engraved.

Shaman Ade M.D., Grand Sorcerer

Shaman Rusalka, Sorceress

Cpl. Duke Prthivi, M.D., Crusader

Pvt. Duke bitchinbetty, M.D., Crusader

Master Armourer BortBortBort, Blacksmith

Armourer Agni, Blacksmith

Cpl. Duke Tiltowait, M.D., Crusader

Looking forward you notice a heavily reinforced door leading further into the hall. Presumably it leads to private quarters and a store room, but you best not risk it.

The Teleporters

Returning the way you came you stumble down another cleverly concealed passage way. Soon the smokey torches give out to an unearthly flicking aura. As you approach you witness two elaborate metal constructs swimming in colors.

Within the interior of the first you witness the southern sea crashing on golden beaches and a somewhat familiar institution. It's hard to tell with your distorted view, but it appears to be a school you once attended in your earlier years.

Within the interior of the second you can just make out a blood soaked beach where men, clad in black garb lay immobile.

The Cult
Slaves of the dragon-serpent.

Weaponry that would make Loki proud.

Unique weapons from Hel's gate.

Nidhoggr's Den
A secluded stall, catering to the hearty adventurer

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