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An Icy area north of the Four Cities. Enter at a pass North West (79E 101N DSSGCM) of Water City or along the Great North Road starting at 32E 101N DSSGCM. The town of Bögnør lies in the frozen north (32E 153N DSSGCM), at the top of the Great North Road. There is snow, tundras, icy lakes, glaciers and some icy trails here. Some areas are too bright; Shades work well here, or Snow Goggles as you go even further north. There is a high AP cost to cross some terrain. The northern ocean freezes over during winter, and slowly thaws during spring (starting around April).

Inhabited by normal monsters as well as a selection of Ice Monsters.


So why come here?

There are various interrelated quests in the North:

The Horsie Genome Project headquarters is also located near Bögnør.


I found the edge of the icy northland ends at 195N. You can find many Oil Platforms in the further north.

If you want to keep an Ice Station clear of Zebra, open a can of worms once you've made a gap, then it should take longer before the Zebra return. But this will stop others finding Ice Stations using Tarot Decks. A better solution will be to align the four Zebras surrounding the Ice Stations.


Prolonged exposure leads to frostbite. There are Ice Stations dotted around where you can sit in the warmth (5AP) or take a hot shower (10AP). Frostbite causes you to lose HP (but no longer max HP). The last stage before you get it is a warning of your toes going black. Be careful if you are using an ordinary map: not every square turns out to be an Ice Station!

You start to feel cold, then you shiver then your hands and feet go cold, then your face. All the while you are warned you should find an Ice Station.

There are two sets of messages regarding temperature and frostbite (see below). Messages such as "You feel cold" refer to your temperature, while ones such as "You find yourself shivering occasionally" refer to the progression of frostbite. While you are cold, your frostbite level will increase (the colder you are, the faster you will get frostbite). While you are warm, your frostbite level will decrease.

Frostbite can be alleviated by taking a shower at an Ice Station, or completely cured by a session in the Sauna at Bögnør. The Dharma Potion can also cure frostbite.

Is there anyplace that it can be cured in the Kingdoms or maybe .. OZ ? If one were foolish enough to get summoned out because they were dead meat ? -Rembrandt 15:11, 1 September 2007 (BST)
I believe all you need to do is spend AP in warm terrain and the effects will wear off on their own. Snare 19:52, 1 September 2007 (BST)

Frostbite and temperature effects are AP-based. If you're not doing anything, frostbite and temperature won't be affecting you.

Winter Survival Items are invaluable for avoiding or minimising frostbite.

Slaying a Tauntaun will temporarily cause the terrain on which you're standing to be overlaid by a Tauntaun corpse, which is a very warm place to be. Spending some AP there will help raise your core temperature.


Frostbite Messages

From mild to severe:

  1. You find yourself shivering occasionally.
  2. You can't stop shivering.
  3. Your hands and feet are tingling.
  4. Your hands and feet are numb. You might want to get to an Ice Station to warm up.
  5. Your face is numb. You really should get to the nearest Ice Station.
  6. Your toes are black. You need to get somewhere warm. -1hp
  7. Your fingers are black. You really need to get somewhere warm. -2hp
  8. You've got frostbite. -3hp
  9. You've got really nasty frostbite. -4 hp

Temperature Messages

From warm to cold:

  1. You are melting.
  2. You are too hot. (this message is several "temperature bands" wide)
  3. You are hot.
  4. You are a bit hot.
  5. You are very warm.
  6. You are warm.
  7. You are a bit warm.
  8. You are a tiny bit warm.
  9. You are a tiny bit cold.
  10. You are a bit cold.
  11. You are cold.
  12. You are really cold.
  13. You are really, really cold.
  14. You are not dressed for this weather.
  15. You are damn cold.
  16. You are an idiot. Find some cold weather gear.
  17. You are so very cold.
  18. You are so cold we've run out of ways to describe it.
  19. Even a brass monkey would be in trouble here.


There are no healers in the Frozen North outside of Bognor. Make sure you have some means to heal yourself before embarking on a long expedition, such as Dragon Stone, Potion of Healing, Booze, Clean Bandages or an HP-regenerating hat.

As always, beware using the Dragon Stone if you are not dressed for the cold. Spending 50 AP will advance your frostbite nicely if you aren't ready for it.

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