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The Honourable Association of Honest Merchants is the trade association for all holders of stall permits. Membership is automatic on setting up a stall. Members may in addition list their stalls in the Association's guide.


Fair Trade Question

How is this association able to help small traders overcome anti-competitive business practices? Schnorrer 16:11, 26 May 2007 (BST)

I donated several hundred thousand GP to hire lobbyists in our nation's capitol. Jeffh 02:48, 16 August 2007 (BST)

The Guide to Merchants' Stalls

Inner Mountains

  • 73E 31N [The Cornucopia of Excellent Goods at Low Prices] has a number of items useful for the Standing Stones quest, plus a large cheap stock of arrows.
I just stonegated in at Standing Stone XXII to pick up a quick clove of garlic, and all I find is an empty lot - what gives?! -- Cthu1hu 05:38, 2 September 2006 (BST)
Stalls expire if they go for two weeks with no business and the owner not checking on them. There was a bug that caused them to expire if the owner didn't check in personally in two weeks.--Dragon 05:59, 2 September 2006 (BST)
The Cornucopia will return (albeit with a more limited stock) when I find the time to get back from Oz. Apologies for the inconvenience. (And damn that bug!) Darksatanic 08:42, 8 September 2006 (BST)

Earth City

The World's Easiest Treasure Hunt, located in northern Earth City at 94E 6N, makes the Treasure Hunt Quest a breeze! We stock all of the hard-to-find items at the lowest prices around, and we also give you the best value if you are looking to sell back your extras. Our convenient location just 9AP from the Crystal Cave means no long treks in search of the items you need. All of our offers are based on market research to ensure that our items stay the cheapest and our buyback prices the highest!

Fire City

  • 3E 97N The Fire Dragon's Hoard, conveniently located on the northern edge of Fire City, sells a variety of useful weapons, handy talismans, and other random miscellanea. (Smiths: compare our Space Rocket prices to the market rates!) A semi-recent inventory list is here. Due to high turnover rates, items are not guaranteed to be in stock, but we offer competitive buy prices on our most popular items (including many weapons and tarot cards).

Water City

  • 97E 94N Classical Magic New shop in Water City! Our goal is to be the premiere supplier for Wizards, crafters, and questers. Reasonable prices provided for bulk purchase and sale of elemental stones, the preferred method of 'Kingdom transportation. Stock is still being unloaded and displayed; if you want to buy or sell something that isn't there, please palantir proprieter ATC.
  • 97E 88N 13 Terra Green Another new shop just south of Water City, run by Temporal Sun. Now selling Sheaves of Wheat and Sheaves of Oats. Future products include Cloves of Garlic and Eels, among others.

Windy City

  • 4E 5N Windy City Goods Now selling Dragon Blood, Magic Herb, Red Pills, Spades and Summon Stones


Most stalls near Windy City are situated in its Champs-Élysées, a garden-promenade turned avenue connecting the city to the 'King's Road. Leave the city by its eastern gate to reach The 'Kingdom's best open-air shopping street.

  • 13E 5N The Cucumber Sandwich Factory A one-stop shop for soon-to-be Dukes! Cucumber Sandwiches available at 8000gp each, and we purchase fresh ingredients from anyone that might have them left over after making their own sandwiches. Ingredients also available individually for those making their own sandwiches. Now open just West of the King's Road.
  • 7E 1N Vashenka's Armoury Just moved over from Oz. We sell armourer-crafted items (eg. Cocktail Shakers, Bling Bling, Empty Books) as well as the usual selection of armour. We buy leather and bronze.
  • 7E 2N The Miss A Bit Less Shop offers the hard-to-get Potion-Of-Accuracy ingredients (plums, fags, and fronds), as well as fully assembled potions. It is rumoured that it may also provide related spells for Wizards in the near future. Prop: Duke Aer-O MD
  • 7E 3N Leather-n-Things Sells all sorts of armour, fur coats and bling bling. Availability may vary. Contact owner vloodo for further details.
  • 8E 2N Eusebia's broomsticks looks like a rotting broom shop, but has most of the herbs a certain Hermit wants
  • 10E 2N Forest Treasures come find whatever I find on dead beasts in the Thieves Forest. Plans, talismans, permits, books, cds, clothing and heavy weaponry are to be expected at rock bottom prices! I also buy Glass swords.
  • 10E 5N Vashka's Stuffs Buys and sells bits of metal and ores.
  • 11E 3N Bargain Time Need some $$$? come sell us something, we pay the best prices (800 GP Cards, 4000GP Books plus much more) Why wait for the markets? Get the cash now! Large selection of goods (Weapons both Aligned and normal, Cards, Books, Armour, Bling, Suncreams, Food and much much more) to buy at very very reasonable prices. Gold supplies restocked after the robbery and we are still in business!
  • 12E 3N Txe Sell your Weapons and Books
  • 13E 2N Stan's Used Ship Lot sells shipmaking materials and cannonballs. Power Crystals, too! When I get around to making some, it will also sell completely fashioned ships! Right next to Guy Fawkes' for your cannoning needs. Prop: Duke Hydr-O MD
  • 13E 3N Guy Fawkes' Supply Shop sells the ingredients needed to manufacture black powder. Directly south of the King's Road.
    21:44, 13 January 2007 (GMT) Now sells black powder!
  • 14E 1N Rods 'n' Tackle is the place to go for all your fish and fishing needs. We buy and sell fish, buy components for fishing gear and sell fishing nets and fishing rods. Just a few scant steps south of the road.
  • 15E 5NCake and Armour Buy your dundee cake ingredients here as well as empty books and armour. Handy place to buy eggs for eggnog too. Good prices paid for leather.
  • 15E 6NOut of this World Buy your power crystals, roddenberries and phasers here. Temporarily Closed while looking for a new site - didn't realise it wouldn't revert to an empty lot when I closed it to upgrade to more items.
  • Wall-Morts is now open. I have hard-knock supplies, and Brighthelm rocks.

Hard Knocks

  • 8E 44S Kepler's Knocking Shop Just across the road from our competitor, we will not be beaten on price! And we promise to give you a better deal for your excess Hard Knocks Goodies. We are a reputable family store, and have no truck with pirates, unlike some of our less savory competitors...
  • 11E 44S Quality Knock-Offs, prop Apprentice Royan MD. Nestled in a back street not far from Hard Knocks, we offer a few Hard Knocks components but primarily focus on recovery supplies for when you're finished - bandages, booze, and the like. We can also take other unwanted items off your hands for cash, in case you're just a little short of another HK level...
Now re-opened.


  • Talismans R Us Located in Crimson City. In the process of being stocked up with enchanted talismans transporting you to various locations.

'Kingdom Airport

  • 14E 94N DSSGCM The Cult of the RNG shop This shoddily built stall accepts gifts for the RNG, and sells various useful objects. Currently favored gifts are dice, and gold pieces. Stop by to donate today so the Cult of the RNG can build a proper temple.
  • 16E 94N DSSGCM things 'n stuff
  • 14E 93N DSSGCM Duty Free Shop Currently stocking a selection of alcohol, plane tickets.


  • Conveniently Located. The shop will move around to wherever I find convenient, usually near the current party if possible. Main purpose is to purchase items (usually spell components) that I need. Currently buying acles for 5K and Singing swords for 10K. Currently situated near Hard Knocks (11E,45S). I don't keep that much money in the shop, so contact me (hendsch) with big transactions.

Darth Mall

A large number of shops (too many to list here) are in Darth Mall. See the link for the full listing.

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