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This is a page about the (now ended) Cities Festival 2008.

You are invited to:

Last Night of the Poms: A Celebration of British Music in Honour of our 'King
Venue: The Royal Alberta Hall - Under the The Crown, Earth City 96E 5N DSSGCM 
Date: 24th August 2008
Time: 24 hours

A night of interminable entertainment, banal humour and iridescent endurance to be held on the last night of the Royal Festival of Martial, Performance and Marital Arts.


Hey Che, what's that song?

The New Vaudeville Guild (open for membership) is hosting a music video competition to be judged during the Last Night of the Poms. Entries are welcome from all Cities citizens. Prizes will astound (Um PotatoEngineer, where's our humidor?)

Competition Rules

  • There are no rules.
  • Actually there are rules, we just said that for dramatic effect.
  • Videos should contain music and Cities related humour.
  • Upload your entry to YouTube and palantir your link to Schnorrer or via memo at the Royal Alberta Hall (Under the The Crown, Earth City 96E 5N DSSGCM) or one of its outposts by 11:59pm 23 August 2008 game time.
  • Best video will be selected by popular vote at the polling booth, Royal Alberta Hall throughout the 24th August 2008, game time.
  • Patron's Choice video will be selected by the friends and patrons of the Vaudeville Guild: Great Lord Andrew & Merchant (the great and the good - no that's not quite right, but we think it's a public service to focus Merchant's attention on higher things)
  • Special request from 'King Elseware - there will be a Special prize for a video featuring the work of 6 foot underground. - We recommend the one about the Vampires.


can be found here. That is also where you vote.

It's not unusual, Lestat

Voting public and competitors attending the event will be entertained and soothed by the rhythms of the Tom Jones All-Singing, All-Dancing Mael Voice Choir. Once bitten, never shy.

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