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Committed to the entertainment and amusement of all willing to be entertained and amused.

Location: Under the The Crown 96E 5N DSSGCM
Facilties: Lobby and a very good local.
Patron: Great Lord Andrew

The Vaudeville Guild was officially opened by our venerable patron, Great Lord Andrew on Pontefract, 31st of Thermidor, at about seven in the evening.

The Royal Visit to the Vaudeville Guild Hall
The Royal Visit to the Vaudeville Guild Hall


Guild Members:

Potential Guild Members:

(Add your name here - and we'll consult with the stars to decide whether you've got the X-factor)

Guild Objectives

Guildmaster Schnorrer invites discussion on the following proposed objectives:

  • To promote and support the artistic performances of guild members,
  • To develop the capacity of performance artists at all levels of experience throughout the 'Kingdom,
  • To encourage the growth of all kinds of artistic endeavours through overt and viral activity,
  • To bear our critics with fortitude and tolerance,
  • To be kind to kittens, small animals and old people with sticks.

Friends of The Vaudeville Guild

We couldn't survive without our special friends and supporters.
Sgt. Duke 7of9 MD
Master Armourer Merchant
Master Armourer Rockefellow

The XXXXXXXXXX Celebratory Humidor

The Vaudeville Guild's most treasured possession was won by competitive auction. Read about the auction here. We bid a performance of sleeping beauty.

 Watch the performance here

The humidor is available for loan to all guild members in their pursuit of performance and creativity. Palantir or use the Guild Comms Room for bookings.

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