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Same as Plains, except Ghosts will spawn here. Ghosts are only visible if you're sufficiently drunk, if you have the ability to see invisibles, if you have Ghost Hunter Gear on, or if it's between midnight and 1am game time.

Forage for Yew Berries (plus the standard Plains herbs) for 24AP (or 12AP with a Golden Sickle).

Tim's Graveyard

Tim can be found in a Graveyard at 2E 90N DSSGCM (near Fire City). You can listen to him for 1AP, and he'll sing lines from "This Corrosion" by Sisters of Mercy:

"Gimme the Ring, kissed and toll'd"
"Gimme something that I missed"
"A hand to hold, wild and what it seems"
"Kill the king, when love is the law,"
"And the we'll turn round..."
"Gimme dream child"
"And do you hear me call?"
"On the loan and on the level"
"...still on the floor"
"Sing dream child"
"And do you hear at all?"
"Hey now, hey now now, sing This Corrosion to me"

If you listen enough times, he'll give you a Dose of Magic Powder.

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