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Tired of your books? Need a suggestion? Try Ograhs Book Club.


Useful Books

Empty Book

Created from 50 Sheets of Paper and 1 Piece of Leather by a smith, for 50AP.

Can be enchanted by Wizards for 30AP and 6 Mana.

Can be made into a Recipe Book for 50AP, by Smiths.

Guide to Time and Space

Buy for 1000 Gold at the Hobbit. Essential for the Quest of Time and Space (or you could just look everything up here).

Norse/English Dictionary

You can get it at the King's Library for 25000. After reading this book, you can start to make runes. You can also get it at Caroline's Books in Bentnob for 15,000 gold. She'll buy it for 2000.

Now tweaked to be readable, like other books. Darksatanic 21:22, 19 March 2006 (GMT)

Recipe Book

Made from an empty book by smiths (?). It lists all the things you know how to make and their needed ingredients. Some things don't appear in the book until you make them the first time (such as pizza) while others are there all along (such as dundee cake).

Is it "sticky"?--Solune 11:01, 1 February 2007 (GMT)

Sketch Book

Gained as a reward from making the Blue Prince a full new suit of Leather Armour. Gives the ability of crafting Custom Weapons.


Questionably Useful Books

Copy of The Citizen

Distinctly not Citizen of the Galaxy. The Citizen is an underground newspaper whose secrets are so dangerous only the front page is printed.

Only two editions ever made it to print back in the Year of the Parrot. You can read back issues at the archives.

Copy of Battlefield Earth

240 AP to read, 120 at the library, 80 at the library with reading glasses
Arghhhh! the pain!

Has made everything go dark. After maybe 30 ap or so, I can see again.

You feel less upset about how bad that books was.

Magic Scroll

Actually just a declaration by the King, regarding the first "Annual" Royal Festival. Creates an embedded YouTube video. The vid can be viewed here: [1]

Martial Arts

Also have a look at Martial Arts. It contains an excellent chart comparing the different martial arts available in Cities. You can buy all 4 books from Fire Stone Books in Bentnob for 5000 gold each, and she'll buy them back for 1000.

The Way of the Finger

Probably an introductory level martial (or marital) arts book. Teaches you Poke of Death for 24AP. 1 damage, 3 attacks. Non-elemental attack.

I changed it from 5 dmg, 3 attacks. I get 4 dmg 3x90%, which I assume means 1 damage only without any damage multiplier. LittleHamster 15:56, 10 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Buy for 15000 Gold from the King's Library. Sell for 5000 Gold to the King's Library.

The art of the Flaming Punch

Buy for 10000 Gold from the King's Library. Sell for 5000 Gold to the King's Library.

Teaches you Fire Punch. 2 damage. -10% to hit. Count as fire elemental.

The art of the Stone Fist

Buy for 10000 Gold from the King's Library. Sell for 5000 Gold to the King's Library.

Teaches you stone fist for 50AP. 2dmg, -10% to-hit. Earth elemental.

I'm earth aligned, and this book costs 13000gp from the king. Books that are aligned with you are more expensive? --Gabor Kiss 11:52, 20 February 2007 (GMT)

The art of the Wet Slap

Buy for 10000 Gold from the King's Library. Sell for 5000 Gold to the King's Library.

Teaches you wet slap for 50AP. 2dmg, -10% to-hit. Water elemental.

The art of the Nasty Blows

Buy for 10000 Gold from the King's Library. Sell for 5000 Gold to the King's Library.

Teaches you Nasty Blow. 2 damage. -10% to hit. Air elemental.

The Robert Heinlein Collection

  • All of these books cost 24 AP to read (except this one). After you read a book, it records it on your Me page. You can read a book again for 12AP.
Additionally, if you are in the Memorial Library at 8E 6N, it halves the AP cost.
Additionally additionally, if you wear Reading Glasses, it reduces the AP cost by one-third.
Additionally additionally additionally, these effects stack, for a total of 1/3 the normal cost if you read in the Memorial Library with the Reading Glasses.
  • These books are only dropped from monsters and cannot be purchased from shops.
  • The Talisman Maker at 81E 83N will buy the Heinlein books for 3000gp each.
Also, once you have read every book once you can complete Quest:Talisman_Maker_and_Heinlein_Books by going to the Talisman Maker and chatting to him. The reward is being able to enchant blank talismans.
  • Instead of selling your books, you could also join the book club for some book swapping action.
  • Caroline's Books in Bentnob will also buy these for 5000 gold. Syagrius 21:07, 8 March 2006 (GMT)

Stranger in a Strange Land (Hardback)

Available from Carolines Books in Bentnob for 500 gold. This hardback version gives a different message from the equivalent paperback when read.

Read it for real. It's a good book.

Unlike all the paperback Heinlein books, this one costs only 1AP to read.

It also doesn't appear on your "Me" page as far as I can tell. Rhapsodie 03:05, 24 February 2007 (GMT)
It looks to me as if this is the 'King making a book recommendation to players, nothing more than that. AndyLandy 17:33, 21 June 2007 (BST)

Copy of Between Planets

You read Between Planets.
I'm between cities.

Copy of Beyond This Horizon

You read Beyond This Horizon.
Not bad.

Copy of The Cat Who Walks Through Walls

You read The Cat Who Walks Through Walls.

Copy of Citizen of the Galaxy

You read Citizen of the Galaxy.
Not bad.

Copy of The Door into Summer

You read The Door into Summer.
At least he didn't become his own grandfather.

Copy of Double Star

You read Double Star.
A political novel, pretending to be sci-fi.

Copy of Farmer in the Sky

You read Farmer in the Sky.
Reading is fun.

Copy of Farnham's Freehold

You read Farnham's Freehold.
You really must build a bomb shelter.

Copy of Friday

You read Friday.
If she's dark skinned, how come the chick on the front cover is white?

Copy of Glory Road

You read Glory Road.
Is it horribly sexist? Best have a chat in the pub about it later.

Copy of Have Space Suit - Will Travel

You read Have Space Suit - Will Travel.
Not bad.

Copy of I Will Fear No Evil

You read I Will Fear No Evil.
Is a mans brain in a womans body still a man?

Copy of Job: A Comedy of Justice

You read Job: A Comedy of Justice.
He'd really help with the washing up.

Copy of Methuselah's Children

You read Methuselah's Children.
Who wants to live for ever?

Copy of The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

You read The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress.
Was that a happy ending? I guess so.

Copy of The Number of the Beast

You read The Number of the Beast.
I think this is where they got the idea for the TV show Sliders.

Copy of Podkayne of Mars

You read Podkayne of Mars.
Not bad.

Copy of The Puppet Masters

You read The Puppet Masters.
Hey, this is a rip-off of invasion of the body snatchers.

[You moron, that came out in 1955--Heinlein in 1951]

Copy of Red Planet

You read Red Planet.
It's a classic.

Copy of Rocket Ship Galileo

You read Rocket Ship Galileo.
Space ships are cool.

Copy of The Rolling Stones

You read The Rolling Stones.
Nothing about Mick Jagger after all.

Copy of Sixth Column

You read Sixth Column.
It's OK.

Copy of Space Cadet

You read Space Cadet.
I want to go to space now.

Copy of The Star Beast

You read The Star Beast.
How would you define intelligence amongst cities players?

Copy of Starman Jones

You read Starman Jones.
I wonder if there's a sequal.

Copy of Starship Troopers

You read Starship Troopers.
Hey! Why was there no power armour in the film?

Copy of Stranger in a Strange Land

There is also a hardback version of the same book.

You read Stranger in a Strange Land.
Sounds like a glorification of Charles Manson.

This message is different from the one you get from reading the hardback version.

Copy of Time Enough for Love

You read Time Enough for Love.
Hmmm. Rub her feet.

The real book has a whole host of useful life advice. See The Notebooks Of Lazarus Long for exampes. Caroline

Copy of Time for the Stars

You read Time for the Stars.
Not bad.

Copy of Tunnel in the Sky

You read Tunnel in the Sky.
Not bad.

Copy of To Sail Beyond the Sunset

You read To Sail Beyond the Sunset.
A bit contrived, but fun.

Copy of Variable Star

You read Variable Star.
Not bad.
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