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The to hit is the chance you have to hit a monster when attacking it.

Players start with a base to-hit of 40% for air, water, and earth players, and 70% for fire players. There are a couple of ways to increase the base to-hit:

Most weapons also have a to-hit modifier (e.g. +10%, -20%) which is added to the base to-hit. Wearing Armour also affects (negatively) your to-hit.

To-hit capping

Your actual chance of hitting a monster is not exactly the sum of your to-hit modifiers. Over 90% it follows this patern:

To hit Actual probablility
TH<90% TH
91%<TH<99% 90%
100%<TH<109% 91%
110%<TH<119% 92%
... ...
180%<TH<189% 99%
TH>190% 99%

The Golden Gun is a special weapon that never misses. It shows in the inventory as 100%.

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