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Tokyo 4! The new Metropolis in the Heart of the Earth!

Easily reachable from the Cave at 22E 55N DSSGCM, with a suitable source of light. Travel North up the entrance tunnel, avoiding the rats, and you will soon come to the thriving metropolis of Tokyo 4.

Lava Lava Lava Lava Lava
Lava Nobby


Spelunker's Nose


Underground Duck Pond Lava
Lava Trading Post Town Square Honest Jim


Lava Lava Tunnel Lava Lava

Things to do in Tokyo 4

  • Feed Kill the ducks and fish in the Underground Duck Pond
  • Get drunk in the Spelunker's Nose
  • Buy stuff from Honest Jim (sells Earth Talismans)
  • Give stuff to people in the trading post
  • Err...
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