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The trawler has a movement rate of 8AP.

You can Fish (10AP) in ocean terrain if you have an Inseine Net in your inventory (it doesn't need to be equipped). If you don't, you will be told "You need a special net to fish in the sea."

Terrain that can be fished in is the deeper Ocean squares, not the shallow ones.

The trawler can carry at least two other passengers, although they don't seem to be able to do anything - no fish button, and equipping an Inseine Net doesn't give any extra options. If the passenger sits on their own trawler inside the trawler, however, they seem to be able to fish as normal.

The passenger seems to be able to see fish of the same alignment as the boat's owner (and, reportedly, vice versa). An air-aligned character that couldn't see tuna on their own (in their own trawler) could see the tuna if they were on the trawler of an earth character (and had their own trawler equipped).


Fishing can be frustrating:

You catch nothing. Not even a cold.

Sometimes, you might catch an Oyster:

You gain an Oyster.
You catch an Oyster, it has a funny symbol on.
  • Oysters can be caught by any alignment.
  • So far Oysters have been caught in the Northern Ocean, the Ocean off Oz, and the Farsi in the south. They also have a chance of being caught from a deep ocean square that contains another type of fish (see below). They probably have a chance of being caught in any deep ocean terrain.
  • Catching Oysters works like catching Old Boots when fishing; it cost 0 AP to reel them in and overrides any fishes that might be in that particular tile. So try trawling again to get some 'normal' fish.

Other Fish

On some deep ocean squares, a message will appear on the trawler (in your equipment panel, above the "Fish" button in the trawler section), such as:

Tuna Fish: A few.

If you fish on those squares, you will get from none ("not even a cold") to two of the type of fish mentioned. As a square gets fished out, the message changes to reflect how many fish are left. The progression seems to be "loads!, some, a few", and "one or two".

Fish Types:

Other Notes:

  • You can catch fish of any alignment if they are present on the square, regardless of whether you can see them.
  • Schools of fish move around (at an unknown speed).
  • Take passengers! You can see the fish of all alignments represented on your trawler. But for passengers to fish they need to actually be sitting on a trawler inside the main trawler.
  • A cautionary tale: The speed with which fish respawn (if you'll pardon the pun) is tied to the number of fish in a school or shoal (5% three times a week, according to the 'King). If a group of fish is fished out, they will respawn more slowly - or possibly not at all.


Neutral 100AP 40 Copper Nails 25 Bronze Nails GPS Map 40 Tars 150 Pieces of Wood 20 Pieces of Ancient Wood Empty Bottle Plans for a Trawler
Trawler (in a bottle)


Your Trawler is no longer seaworthy.
You take off a Trawler.
You lose a Trawler.
You gain a Trawler with hole (in a bottle).
Neutral 30AP 5 Copper Nails 8 Tars 30 Pieces of Wood 5 Pieces of Ancient Wood Trawler with hole
Trawler (in a bottle)
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