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Where to get one

  • Buy one from Harry & Co in Space for 1000 gold.
  • Break a Tribble Vein in The Mines.
  • Let them eat your food and breed.

Tribbles and food

If you have one or more Tribbles in your inventory, there is a chance each time you move that a Tribble will eat an item of food and produce another Tribble. The greater the number of Tribbles you have, the higher the probability that they will eat your food.

Tribbles eat any type of food except for Tomatoes, and they have a preference for the more expensive stuff! For example, they will eat all your herbs before they drink your cheap coffee. Tribbles also eat the packaging, and don't leave empty mugs and bottles behind. They won't touch booze though.

Tribbles do not have a preference for more expensive food. This is quite the urban legend.
Do they eat anything edible, or only items that sort under the category "Food"? (I wonder particularly about Breakfast Bars and Breakfast Clubs, off the top of my head.) --BlaisedeC 05:14, 19 May 2011 (BST)
Burning Question: Tribble pelts are edible; Will tribbles eat tribble pelts?

If you find yourself with a Tribble you don't want, you can leave them at the Earth City Dump or put them on sale at a Market. If you want to keep or breed Tribbles, you can protect your expensive food by putting it in a Bag, or put the Tribbles in a Bag.

See also: Rough Guide to Tribble Breeding.

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