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  • They can be used as a weapon:
Weapon: Triffid Sting
Damage Attacks To Hit
15 ×1 +0% 50%
Note the high damage but also high break-rate, also note that people after them for HK (see point 1) will pay you money for them, typically a few thousand GP.
  • They can be consumed, this is in general a very bad idea.
Each hit gives you 50AP and the message:
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH. That really stung.
The first 5 hits give you one level of poison.
From hit 6 and onward; you'll receive N-4 levels of poison (N being the Nth hit).
Hit 10 also gives you the message
More will do some real damage!
Hit 11 also gives you the message
You're on the edge, mate. Stop this now. I'm warning you!!
From hit 12 and onward; your AP regen time will be slowed down by one minute! Message:
I warned you. AP regen time +1 minute!!!
Whilst you can not die from poisoning, down to 1HP it will take 1HP per AP used; and you will get stuck at 1HP and unable to do anything if you don't cure it. See Dose of Antidote for how to get rid of it. This is not the real downside. The real downside is that Triffid Sting consumption CANNOT be reset, ever. And that AP regen time loss REALLY REALLY HURTS.
This wiki editor thinks that only use (1) and perhaps (2) are things you should attempt with your stings.

Where to get it

Dropped by Triffids, which are found in Jungles in the inner region of the 'Kingdom.
Sold at South Lanes in Brighthelm
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