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Dwarven town in the South East Tunnels. Situated underneath Earth City. Ish.


Tunnel Store Room Tunnel Tunnel Rock
Tunnel Tunnel Tunnel Tunnel Rock
Tunnel Tunnel Tunnel Tunnel Rock
Tunnel Black Smith

1096E 1002N DSSGCM

Trading Post Merry Miner


Tunnel Well Snow Whites


Beards and Stuff


Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock

The tunnels as far as the Store Room don't have the same high AP movement cost as elsewhere in the Mines. It's likely that they are permanent tunnels which won't revert to Rock.

Things to do

Give 101 Bits of Misril to the Black Smith, to get a Pick Axe

An old dwarf blacksmith is making mining tools here.
'Greetings, chum. If you can find any misril I'll trade
one hundred and one bits for something useful.

'Pronounced wrong? nah, Tolkien just didn't realise that Middle Earth dwarves tend to lisp.'
You lose 101 Bits of Misril.
You gain a Pickaxe.

Search the Storeroom 3 squares north of the Black Smith for neat stuff, or climb the stairs that lead up from it. Note going up the stairs spits you out at The Crown in Earth City.

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