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  • Can be smelted into Glass with Charcoal.
  • For a quick rather slow buck, convert it at an Alchemist by the cubic mile.
  • Go to the beach and make yourself a Sand Castle. It'll use all the sand you have.
  • Feed to a Giant Clam, then kill it for a Pearl or Perl.

Where to get it

  • Gather 10 Units for 3AP in Bad Lands.
  • Gather 25 Units for 3AP in (Great) Deserts.
  • Gather 25 Units for 3AP in Beaches (+ 1 Pinch of Salt).
  • Gather 250 Units for 30AP in Beaches (+ 2 Pinches of Salt and rarely a Shell).
  • Gather 2500 Units for 300AP in Beaches (+ 4 Pinches of Salt and often a Shell).
  • Dropped by Mud Men.
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