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Image:Smallstone.GIF Stonecutter
This user is a proud member of
The Sacred Order of Stonecutters.
Now open on floor 5 of the mall (center-left), I sell cheaper and buy higher!  
8000gp per sandwich, always buying ingredients!


Quest Checklist

Earth Quests

  • Earth Initiation / Getting Drunk
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Rock Soc Pub Crawl
  • School of Hard Knocks
Completed Level 8

Fire Quests

  • Fire Initiation
  • Befriending the Guards
  • The Duel
  • The Gauntlet
  • The Caverns/Bomb Squad

Water Quests

  • Learning to Swim
  • Water Initiation / First Aid
  • Snark Hunt
  • Killing the Undead Dragon
  • Becoming a Doctor
  • Water Skin
  • Blue Flowers / Antidote
  • Cure Poison

Air Quests

Career Quests

Knight Quests

  • Getting Knighted
  • Becoming a Baron
  • Becoming an Earl
  • Becoming a Duke
  • Military Service

Mage Quests

Armourer Quests

Other Quests

The Frozen North

Underground Quests

  • Smelly Pete
  • South-West Tunnels
  • North-West Tunnels
  • North-East Tunnels
  • Royal Engineer

Armour Training

Musical Training


  • Herman the Hermit: Aromatic plants
  • Herman the Hermit: Toxicology

Miscellaneous Quests


Not really quests, but places you can go to and do things at.

Useful Lists


  • GNU (Nothing)
  • Worm (Copy of Battlefield Earth)
  • Eagle (Daemonic Sword)
  • Earth Dragon (Gram of Fairy Dust)
  • Toad (5 Iron)
  • Air Dragon (Perl)
  • Sylph (Tee)
  • Glow Worm (4-Iron)
  • Salamander (Vowel)
  • Gnome (3-Iron)
  • Roc(Degree of Enlightenment)
  • Sparrow (7-Iron)
  • Undine? (?)
  • Crocodile (?)
  • Fire Fox (Rodden Berry)
  • Water Dragon (Orange)
  • Fire Dragon (Can of Wyrms)
  • Angel (Daemonic Knife)
  • Penguin (Power Crystal)
  • Triffid (Toy Unicorn)
  • Phoenix (Pint of Fairy Liquid)
  • Bull (Consonant)
  • Lion (Daemonic Dagger)
  • Thunderbird (Tribble)
  • GNU (Daemonic Letter Opener)
  • DONE!


2/3: Joined the Knightly Order of Tubthumping, or KOoT for short. Member number 8 and Knight Illuminus.

2/15: Christened the SS Wet Dream, my new Survey Yacht.

2/17: Wandering around in the snow shivering uncontrollably. Looking for Bognor.

2/22: Abilities: 99E 195N. 11:38pm. After days of climbing, I reached the top of the world!! Ok, that was fun, back to doing other stuff. 23:42, 22 February 2006 (GMT)

2/28: The PCD hunt is finally on! Summoned folks down and healed them, now waiting for them to whack the guy. It took so long because I (very stupidly) got myself killed by a bling wraith, the monster only one guy knows how to kill. Fortunately e.bstan was gracious enough to gack it for me and donate my corpse.

3/30: No updates in a while. Just completed the Great Wriggling Road and founded the Sacred Order of Stonecutters. Currently in Brighthelm completing some business transactions, then headed to Bentnob and the Islands.

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