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Holiday Express

***Holiday Express is Now CLOSED, but many of these items are still available. Contact me for details AmishRobots 01:34, 11 January 2018 (UTC)
(also come see my new store west of Windy City)

Plenty of exciting Travel Options for your next vacation or romantic getaway. If there's somewhere you'd rather be , but cannot see (on our list) Palantir Amishrobots with your request, and we'll see what we can do!

We have agents in the field* standing by!

Our proprietor, AmishRobots has just returned from space with a nasty case of the tribbles, big sale on food!

Sheaves of Wheat now available for all you pwny lovers! (we don't judge anyone)

Power Crystals, Tar and Copper Nails now available! (Hey, whatever floats your boat!)

  • -agents may also be found reclining, possibly in meadows, pastures, or wilderness areas. Some have been known to frequent beach areas. Really they might be anywhere; we just don't know.

Items Available

Current As Of AmishRobots 03:34, 7 September 2017 (BST)

Talismans labelled "Beach" or "Villa" refer to Holiday Island. All talisman destinations reasonably guaranteed. (Unless otherwise noted!)

Prices and availability subject to change. Palantir Amishrobots for more info!

For sale:

Antenna 5000 GP (2 available)

Barbelith Talisman 6666 GP (1 available)

Chocolate Bombe 1500 GP (2 available)

Copper Nail 11 GP (150 available)

Contract Palantir 1800 GP (3 available)

Dragon Blood 250 GP (23 available)

Eye Pod (Toad Spell) 9000 GP (1 available)

Gold Piece 5 GP (4201 available)

Gorgan-zola Cheese Slice 3000 GP (3 available)

Gram of Spice 7000 GP (7 available)

Jelly Fish 2000 GP (7 available)

Kraken Meat 300 GP (200 available)

Magic Bean 304 GP (123 available)

Mug of Coffee (proper) 222 GP (36 available)

Neutral Talisman 5000 GP (5 available)

Olive 333 GP (17 available)

Pizza Slice 666 GP (75 available)

Power Crystal 21000 GP (10 available)

Sheaf of Oats 8000 GP (107 available)

Sheaf of Wheat 5000 GP (221 available)

Talisman (Beach) 2500 GP (1 available)

Talisman (Beach) 2500 GP (1 available)

Talisman (Beach) 2000 GP (1 available)

Talisman (Cave 58e 75n Sewers) 10000 GP (1 available)

Talisman (Drago Nisle) 8888 GP (1 available)

Talisman (Forbidden City) 6666 GP (1 available)

Talisman (Goodyear Pimp) 9999 GP (1 available)

Talisman (Holiday Island) 4500 GP (1 available)

Talisman (Schism) 128000003 GP (Only such talisman currently known to exist) ABSOLUTELY NOT GUARANTEED!!! (may be a ticket to nowhere, or more likely to some mundane location in or around of Earth City)

Talisman (Trail of Trials) 13000 GP (1 available)

Talisman (Villa) 7500 GP (1 available)

Tar 1000 GP (5 available)

Teleport to Shop Spell 1300 GP (1 available)

Tribble 555 GP (22 available)

Vault Talisman 1234 GP (1 available)

Walking Stick 1 GP (1 available)

You may SELL the following items: Antenna 500 GP

Contract Palantir 100 GP

Magic Bean 100 GP

Power Crystal 1000 GP

Sheaf of Oats 200 GP

Sheaf of Wheat 200 GP (You have 29)

Tribble 100 GP

Vial of Salad Dressing 3 GP

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