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ii Lion Fish 8pm 73e55n
iii Flying Fish* 9pm 71e62n
iv a Cod 10pm 67e67n
v Earth Stone 11pm 62e71n
vi Fire Stone 12am 55e73n
vii Water Stone 1am 49e74n
viii Air Stone 2am 43e73n
ix Fire Talisman 3am 37e71n
x Water Talisman 4am 31e67n
xi Earth Talisman 5am 27e62n
xii Air Talisman 6am 25e55n
xiii Measure of Serenity 7am 24e49n
xiv Clove of Garlic 8am 25e43n
xv a Feather 9am 27e37n
xvi Jar of Plum Jam 10am 31e31n
xvii Loaf of Bread 11am 36e27n
xviii Piece of Chalk 12pm 43e25n
xix Legolas Cocktail 1pm 49e24n
xx Gollum Cocktail 2pm 55e25n
xxi Gandalf Cocktail* 3pm 62e27n
xxii Frodo Cocktail 4pm 67e31n
xxiii Bilbo Cocktail 5pm 71e36n
xxiv d12 6pm 73e43n

alt text

times in yelllow indicate stones i have Not yet completed
items marked with an asterik* are based on speculation, and have not been confirmed

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