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  • Alignment: Water
  • Maximum Action Points: 328
  • Maximum Hit Points: 512
  • Base to-hit chance: 106%
  • Damage Multiplier: 5
  • Number of Times Died: 2
  • Dragons Killed: 168

I am Ant. I exist. I think I exist anyway. I must do. Look - I have a picture!


I also have a website now, which has a couple of useful calculators (one for working out how many levels you can do at the School of Hard Knocks, and one for working out how much AP you'll spend making balls of wool.

Check out my dismal stats for Hard Knocks and wool.

You find a magic apple!
You place it on the ground and wait.
After a while a Worm wonders into view. It ignores you totally and eats some of the apple. A noise
startles you and you look behind  you. When you look back both apple and creature have gone.
Thinking back, you remember your mother telling you that you were born under the sign of the Worm!
You lose a Magic Compass.

Someone has been hitting the magic herbs methinks.

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