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Original Alignment: Fire
Alignment Now: Earth
Star Sign: Fire Fox
Maximum Hit Points: 494
Base to-hit chance: 125%
Maximum Action Points: 542
Base AP Delay: 7.5 minutes
Experience Points: 9,200,782
Victory Points: 0
Damage Multiplier: 8
Movement Modifier: -4
HP Healed: 4710
Poisoned People Cured: 1
Total AP Spent: 107,930
Total Distance Travelled: 20,354
Dragons Killed: 235
Number of Times Died: 20
Dragon's Blood Drank: 67

Completed Quests:
Initiation / Visiting 4 Cities
Time and Space
Creature Survey
Standing Stones
Fortune Tellers
Initiation / Getting Drunk
Treasure Hunt
Rock Soc Pub Crawl
School of Hard Knocks (Level 10)
Befriending the Guards
The Duel
The Gauntlet
The Caverns/Bomb Squad
Learning to Swim
Initiation / First Aid
Snark Hunt
Becoming a Doctor
Killing the Undead Dragon
Water Skin
Blue Flowers/Antidote
Ghost Hunters Guild
Pandora's Socksx2
Slay the Gorgan
Survey Vessel
Make a Caravel
Speed Boat
Animal Sancutary
Herman the Hermit
Merchants Guild
Pet License
Talisman Maker and Heinlein Books
Ancient Castle
Thor in a Cottage
Magic Egg Hunt
North Pole
Goodyear Pimp
Advanced Martial Arts (2:2:2)
Martial Arts Training at the Dojo
Training from Master Thief
Dirty Bob
Royal Engineer
Jock McStrapp
Devil Went Down to Cities
Harvest Festival
Pop Idol
Collecting Cards
Jack and the Beanstalk
Hook Your Honey on Internet Crack
Perfect Caffination (level 1)
Snake Research
Getting Knighted
Becoming a Baron
Becoming an Earl
Becoming a Duke
Hunting Lodge/Military Service



Dating secretninja :-D

Azuaron's Retirement PARTY

Harz and Zhaman are my other characters

Az's Full Quest Checklist

Az's Trophy Kills

Archived Quest Info

Az's Inventory

Founder of the Order of the Club

Everything is as of 7-26-07

I stole the original basic layout of this page from Celane (which I don't feel bad about because Celane stole it first), but will be modifying it to fit my needs as I see fit. I've also stolen bits and pieces from a whole bunch of others that I don't remember specifically, as well as making my own. So there.

I've lost 20% to-hit chance on Dragon Bloods.

My first present was a Goldfish (who's since died.) My second present I decided to see all monsters' health. My third present (Christmas '08! Woohoo!) was the intrinsic ability to See Invisible.

I can eat no more Gorganzola Sandwhiches.

You lose 300 Gold Pieces.
Fortune for sign of the Fire Fox -
Monday 14th May 2007 to Sunday 20th May 2007.
Everything looks good near the end of the week,
but you could have some problems with gold
pieces. Some things just keep getting better
but Water could bring trouble.
You slay the Crocodile.
You gain 9 Arrows.
You gain 5 Mysterious Envelopes.
You gain 35 Gold Pieces.
You gain 10 Leeches.


Winged Horsie (Ragamoffyn)

AP: 30 XP: 202 tohit: 40% dam: 20
Enjoys: Oats, Wheat, Grazing
18 weeks old and average

Giant Dung Beetle (Proteus)

AP: 12 XP: 708 tohit: 60% dam: 500
Enjoys: Poop
Proteus is 26 weeks old and competent

Big Kat (Anna)

AP: 30 XP: 1183 tohit: 70% dam: 100
Enjoys: Steak, Milk, Cream
37 weeks old, 20% evil and dangerous

Goldfish (Raistlin:Dead)

AP: 15 XP: 342 tohit: 40% dam: 1
Enjoys: Shakey Flakes
Raistlin is 20 weeks old and average

4 lines of Mayfly: Marty, Feefee, Osedax, and (Roman numerals only)

Remaining Quests

(in no particular order)

It's turtle slaughtering time!

  • Host A Party! (Forest Azuaron)
  • Cure Poison (9 cured)
  • Cattle Drive
  • Mines (Down)
  • Dr. Karma
  • Advanced Martial Arts (4:4:4)
  • Quantum Mechanic (10 fish-fur pelts and a Bucket of Planckton)
Chartreuse Beards Treasure 24E 101N
Tangerine Beards Treasure 76E 87N

OotC Job: Enchant Talismans to all Totems


  • 66E 217S Air Dragon Totem
  • 99E 258S Angel Totem
  • 87E 215S Bull Totem
  • 37E 284S Crocodile Totem
  • 48E 300S Eagle Totem
  • 26E 211S Earth Dragon Totem
  • 41E 208S Fire Dragon Totem
  • 49E 300S Fire Fox Totem
  • 7E 273S Glow Worm Totem
  • 54E 209S Gnome Totem
  • 78E 294S GNU Totem
  • 21E 274S Lion Totem
  • 51E 211S Penguin Totem
  • 79E 212S Pheonix Totem
  • 1E 228S Roc Totem
  • 4E 209S Salamander Totem
  • 84E 236S Sparrow Totem
  • 47E 300S Sylph Totem
  • 10E 205S Thunderbird Totem
  • 6E 236S Toad Totem
  • 25E 214S Triffid Totem
  • 51E 213S Undine Totem
  • 13E 298S Water Dragon Totem
  • 84E 217S Worm Totem

Host A Party! (Forest Azuaron)

I decided 03/23/07 I wanted to do this. Updates on specific time and location as they occur. Currently, plans are for somewhere deep in the Thieves Forest (25W 21N or 24W 50N, maybe). With the nerfing of Record drops, I don't see this happening anytime soon (I can't pay 150,000 each for six more Records!)

Amps Decks Slip Mats Speakers Records
Needed 2 2 2 4 10
Have 2 2 8 5 4

Ninja Island

247 Pizza Slices left.

Level Sais Nun Chucks Bo Staffs
4 80 120 120
3 -- 40 40
Have 6 13 14

Potions of Accuracy Table

(I've drank 5 levels so far)

Level 6 Empty Vial Mug of Ale Basket of Crushed Plums Seaweed Fronds Fags Flying Fish
Need 6 6 6 12 30 6
Have 8 32 4 0 60 0

I've Been To


  • Fire City
  • Water City
  • Windy City
  • Earth City
  • Bentnob
  • Brighthelm
  • Bögnør
  • Tokyo4
  • Crimson City
  • Atlantish
  • Los Laputas
  • Emerald City
  • Valhalla


  • Eigh-Bay Island
  • The Isle of Fright
  • Ninja Island
  • Monster Island (technically a peninsula)
  • The Isle of the Gorgan
  • The Cursed Island
  • Bombardiers' Den
  • Cigar Island
  • Ignatz's Retreat
  • the Lost Island (now found, I guess)
  • Bleak Isle

The Underearth

  • Activated the North-East Altar
  • South-East Altar
  • Activated the South-West Altar
  • Activated the North-West Altar


Current: Pimpin' (Emerald Bling) and out of fashion


Industrial-Military (Rivet and Field Glasses)
Punk (Safety Pin)
Pimp-Kinky (Watch Bling and Pair of Fishnets)
Cute-Punk (Pair of Bunny Ears, Pair of Dr. Martins, and 3 Safety Pins)
Military-Cute (Field Glasses and Pair of Bunny Ears)
Clobber-Kinky (Pair of Firefly Trainers and Bull Whip)
Industrial-Pimp (Rivet and Pair of Shades)
Punk-Cute (Pair of Dr. Martins and Pair of Bunny Ears)
Goth-Kinky (Pair of Pointy Boots and Bull Whip)
Pimp (Pair of Shades)
Pimp (Fur Coat)
Cute (Pair of Bunny Ears)
Military-Industrial (Field Glasses, 3 Rivets, and a Rusty Sword)
Pimp-Clobber (Pair of Shades and Pair of Firefly Trainers)
Goth-Military (Pair of Pointy Boots and Field Glasses)
Pimp-Clobber (Pair of Shades and Pair of Firefly Trainers)
Industrial-Punk (Rusty Sword and 3 Safety Pins)
Pimp-Goth (Opal Bling and Pair of Pointy Boots)
Military-Punk (Field Glasses and 4 Safety Pins)
Kinky (Bull Whip)
Punk (2 Safety Pins)
Pimp-Kinky (Pair of Shades and Pair of Pointy Boots)
Goth-Pimp (Pair of Pointy Boots and Pair of Shades)
Military-Cute (Field Glasses and Pair of Bunny Ears)
Kinky-Pimp (Cod Piece and Pair of Shades)
Punk-Clobber (2 Safety Pins and Firefly Trainers)
Industrial (Rusty Sword)
Pimp (Pair of Shades)
Goth-Clobber (Bit of Silver and Firefly Trainers)
Cute-Military (Pair of Ear Muffs and Field Glasses)
Kinky-Clobber (Cod Piece and Firefly Trainers)
Goth (Pair of Pointy Boots)
Military (Field Glasses)
Cute-Punk (Bunny Ears and 5 Safety Pins)
Clobber-Kinky (Firefly Trainers and a Bull Whip)

Reading Log


  • The Way of the Finger
  • The art of the Stone Fist
  • The art of the Flaming Punch
  • The art of the Wet Slap
  • The art of the Nasty Blows
  • Norse/English Dictionary
  • Battlefield Earth
  • Stranger In A Strange Land (Hardback)

Sci-fi Reading (Finished)

Between Planets Beyond This Horizon The Cat Who Walks Through Walls Citizen of the Galaxy
The Door into Summer Double Star Farnham's Freehold Farmer in the Sky
Friday Glory Road Have Space Suit - Will Travel I Will Fear No Evil
Job: A Comedy of Justice Methuselah's Children The Moon is a Harsh Mistress The Number of the Beast
Podkayne of Mars The Puppet Masters Red Planet Rocket Ship Galileo
The Rolling Stones Sixth Column Space Cadet The Star Beast
Starman Jones Starship Troopers Stranger in a Strange Land Time Enough for Love
Time for the Stars Tunnel in the Sky To Sail Beyond the Sunset Variable Star

Current Kill Counts

Updated at the beginning of each month

Monster Kills Monster Kills Monster Kills
Alligator 1 Angel 1 Ants 2
Large Asteroid 8 Bat 10 Origami Ogre 1
Rock Troll 3 Booze Hound 3 Bull 3
Cow 8 Dark Mist 1 Dianoga 5
Duck 34 Rat 2 Esquilax 2
Fire Fox 1 Ghost 1 Glow Worm 11
GNU 6 Gulls 2 Hippy 1
Knights who say Ni 1 Really Large Asteroid 2 Thick Gas 1
Leprucawn 4 Mist 2 Ninja 2
Lost Spirit 1 Mirror Monster 1 Morrissey 1
Parrot 2 Penguin 2 Pheonix 1
Pig 21 Roc 1 Cute Seal 5
Sewer Rat 729 Sheep 1 Sister 1
asteroid 58 Gas 2 Quite Small Asteroid 23
Space Invader 1 Space Invader 1 Space Invader 1
Space Invader 1 Sparrow 5 Stoner 1
Living Tar 1 Thunder Bird 1 Toad 25
Adolescent Tortoise 41 Triffid 1 Undine 7
Wolf 2 Earth Worm 7
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